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I Won't Go Back

Church was so awesome today it usually is, but it was something about today that was just DIFFERENT. I did miss the annual leadership meeting that we have on saturdays along with dance practice and even though it was tempting to use the excuse of not having a car, to miss church as well. I didnt do it I made the desicion to reverance GOD to put Him first out of thankfulness.

I had to go to chuch because I had to be there to worship Him and Thank Him It is not myself that has gotten myself through the week. It was GOD so not taking one day out of the week to worship Him, (in my head) would hae just been wrong. When I went there today and I was in worship, making up my mind to focus and put him first no matter what. I heard His spirit once again and it spoke to me. sadly words the are so familiar to what I have heard before along the lines of "put me first" simply "you're not doing this on your own" you can't put me first and everything else lines up." I made up in my mind that this was the final time as william mcdowell's "I wont go back" played in the background I declared to myself that I indeed won't go back. But how do you keep from going back to what youre used to?

How do you make that one time you've been inspired motivated, moved, different from every other time? It comes with focus making the move to put God first in your life with all you got. We find the best of ourselves in GOD, but in actuality we don't find GOD because He is always there. He never lost us. Through blogs past I've been really talking about focus and producing instead of consuming, but it's time to be less talk and more action this time I am making the decree that I really wont go back. 'Tis my season to improve. God bless you all!!


  1. God bless you too.
    Continue heeding what God is telling you. :D

  2. PS I just tagged you in my tag! You're it! post. :D


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