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Getting Back to the Love, Peace, and SOULLL!!

Don Cornelius the host of T.V.'s longest running show Soul Train committed suicide. That is the point blank, cruel nature regarding his death. There is no question of why, just a lingering remnant of his legacy. Soul train was a representation of the soul, the joy, and the love of Black America: It's music. It is music that connects and transcends far beyond what anything else can. It is the representation of heart and soul.

It was the music that held together the sanity of the slaves as they song together negro spirituals. Making melody in our hearts is a most joyful experience. It is the diaspora of African culture that emphasizes the substance and the heartbeat of true rhythm and love. That's why "black" music has made such a predominate impact on American culture. So despite all of the pain, turmoil, and derision that African-Americans and those of the diaspora had to face. What kept them going was that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Historically Africans are derived from the tribe of Judah meaning: Praise. If other cultures have brought the technology and innovation, we have surely brought the heart. that heart coming naturally from an ability to be truly connected with the spirit.

What brings the demise and downfall of humanity is not recognizing that the spirit encompasses all things. So many times people try and fulfill the yearning of the flesh for what the spirit wants. There is no substitute for creative passion. That's why we've honored stars like Michael, Whitney, and even Beyonce' for exhibiting their talent with passion. There is definitely something to be said regarding how "The Soul of Black folks" have contributed to this country.

Soul Train and other artistry has been a major part of those contributions. In memory and honor of Don Cornelius who was truly a creator, we should assess our creativity, it represents the passion of our souls. Valentines Day is a day all about passion and love, more than the agape kind! So it is up to us no matter white, black or whatever to find the true passion of our souls in the purpose that God created us, therefore finding the strength and love to go on and exhibit everyday, not just Valentine's day.

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