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Power is a Birthright

Why are some Christians (me in particular) the most scared of power, when it is we who should have it the most? Being born again proclaiming faith and to trust in GOD is the reason why we should take up our position as the most powerful beings. Yes, we depend on GOD for strength, we are weak, but in acknowledging GOD we are acknowledging where our strength comes from. All glory, all honor, all power comes from the Lord. The prestige of power is what brings us before kings. Who is Barack Obama but another human being who may not even have the power and the anointing another individual possesses through faith. We should not honor men by to much of a degree, It is GOD who brings low, and GOD who builds up.

The eagle is an American symbol of power, In Ezekiel Ch 17 GOD tells the prophet Ezekiel to use the parable of an eagle to describe the doings of a king. The eagle took the top branch of a tree carried it elsewhere and planted it by strong waters. The question is 'Shall it Prosper? ' The King of Babylon went to Jerusalem and carried off the king and all the high officers and held him under obligation by a treaty. The treaty was the only thing that stood official and held everything together. The king broke the treaty. The Lord proclaimed His judgement over that King. He declares everything that will happen to him. At the end of the chapter the Lord then states everything He will do by His authority.  "'I the Lord have spoken, and I will do it.'" Being under a treaty with the GOD of authority gives us authority, and no man can come against it.

 By the very ability we have, we have power.  When we we make the commitment to commit our lives to GOD we tap into ultimate power. Our strength is in the treaty we make with GOD, that treaty says that we promise to operate in His purpose for our lives, thus starting over from our history without acknowledging Him and becoming the best we, that we can be. The greatness in us is not merely being born, but being Born Again. Power is a birth right under salvation, and no power even those in high places can stand in moral deceit and succeed.

It is so important that we build the power of GOD in us that we have through salvation. Make the treaty and commit to God, because in us being more than conquerors and overcoming ourselves, we can overcome the spirit of the world through God who gave us strength.

You and I have the ability to be great and powerful through all the authority of GOD in us. Let's us push through the earth as trees being planted by His fertile soil and abundant water.

*Ezekiel 17


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