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More Producing, Less consuming.

The difference between producing and consuming is so vast that they're not only polar opposites, but it's so major that sometimes it easy to confuse the two. When we are just wasting time say watching a video online or doing anything else that's unproductive having fun, being entertained, we can do it all night, but when we actually wanna make the move to do something effective towards our goals the sleepiness sets in earlier than usual. It's so much easier to consume than it is to produce. A lot of my life I have been lost in the simplicity of consumption. After all this is America "My Country" where the debt is now in the trillions. America is not to be blamed completely, I suppose I will take some of the blame. "Just Kidding." I'm fully aware that  a lot of my debt  was my fault:)

No matter whose fault it was, Now is the time for me to stop making excuses and actually do. I know better now and it's time to stop making excuses period. It's time to start producing. The difference between now and then was ignorance, My own ignorance. The great thing about life is that once you see the right way you can turn around and start going in it. It's time for me to put everything else aside and start producing like I'm supposed to. The more you produce and give your all in, the more you have, in consuming you're left with nothing. As I said producing is significantly harder than the consuming I've always known, but I'll just have to get over it and bite the bullet if I ever wanna go anywhere. With that being said it's time to produce and NEVER look back.

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