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"Taking Lives" Ezekiel 9 stw

Ezekiel Ch 9 Synopses

In Ezekiel Ch 9 God calls the guardians of the city and orders them to kill everyone except the ones that grieve over detestable things, they are to be marked with a mark on their foreheads. In this Chapter Ezekiel first mentions the Glory of God as it moves and calls out. Interestingly enough It orders a guard who is carrying a writing kit. God is still mad. Ezekiel cries out an in inquiry to God, but God says: No. He will not spare them or have pity. He will bring down on their heads what they have done. As they finish talking the guard that God ordered to mark the foreheads reports that he has completed what the Lord has ordered. That ends the chapter. A complete and lethal order for the death of Lord knows how many.

To see God in such anger is kinda scary. I'm so glad Ezekiel's time is before the New Testament where the blood of Jesus Christ protects us and saves us from the nature of our sins when we acknowledge Him,how glorious! Still, all too many people die because of sin and ignorance even though Jesus Christ saved us, some people don't accept his way or just have not heard. The bible still instructs that the "wages of sin is death". Now in this day in age, you probably won't have a death warrant on your head in the exact same way, but there are consequences to living a life outside of purpose. You were created for a purpose and anything outside of it is a dangerous zone. Sin is simply "missing the mark" not achieving the goal of who you are. A spirit and mind set of evil does exist, and if your not grounded in faith and purpose that spirit is already robbing you of your livelihood.
"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."
Accept Jesus Christ as the Lord that has delivered you and has provided honor for your life. As we go on into Ezekiel 10 it mentions that the Glory departs. Your glory is your life don't let it be taken.

Associated verses:
Romans 6:23
John 10:10

See what happens next in Ch 10 and follow along with us as we continue to "Spread The Word".

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