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First Annual "Spread The Word" Campaign Kick Off

In honor of NaBloPoMo(National Blog Posting Month) in November, Breath Of Life Daily presents The "Spread The Word" Campaign. The Purpose of this campaign is to be a forerunner in spreading the word, message, and gospel of the word of God by a series of scriptural synopses taken from the prophets (Habakkuk, Ezekiel, and Isaiah.) These Three books were chosen simply because the books of the prophets reflect the conversation between God and man. However It is done, the challenge is to simply "Spread The Word".

There are a lot of problems and illness in the world simply because some people haven't heard about the good news, about the salvation of Jesus Christ and the power of God that works in us. But as the order goes "Faith Comes By Hearing and Hearing By The Word"(Romans 10:17) The Mission is to help more people hear the word. To promote a stronger and more fulfilling life  Even if you have heard the word, the synopses will help  for continued study and greater familiarity. Also, if you know anyone who would benefit or would like to brush up on their word knowledge please refer them to this campaign. We will be covering all of Habakkuk, the first 14 verses of Ezekiel, and the first 13 verses of Isaiah.

With No Further a due

B.O.L.D presents "Spread The Word"

Habakkuk 1(1-17) overview
In the beginning of this book a sick and tired Habakkuk is crying out to God.He is tired of witnessing and living amongst the evil in Judah. Much like we sometimes feel about the events of the world today. So He cries out and gives God all his complaints. God answers and tells Habakkuk that He is going to do something unbelievable. He is going to raise up a more wicked nation, the Babylonians to overtake Judah. Habakkuk becomes even more outraged. He says "Why do you tolerate the treacherous?"  Habakkuk goes on to express his displeasure, talk some more trash about the Babylonians and finally question God about how long  the destruction will continue. The conclusion of verse One ends with Habakkuk's questioning left up in the air. Will he be answered? Will God leave him hanging? or will Habakkuk turn to his own devices?

Find Out In The Next Installment of "Spread The Word" : Habakkuk Ch 2 synopses

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