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A Will To Fly

With all of today's technological advances in communications and in science is it still impossible for human beings to fly? The more we're socially integrated, the more capturing life becomes, but perhaps only for a select few. There are still individuals who have always known sadness and rejection, are still poor and not even looking forward to life, let alone to be successful or fly because of it. We have Red bull, five hour drinks and other energy supplements just to get us out of bed in the morning. This more often than not can be contributed to depression. Depression is a serious issue and it strikes regardless of race, it is rather more of a human thing.

 However, because the plot of depression and laziness has almost become societal, does not make it right. Without the advancement of science and technology, Humans were always meant to more than excel, but to literally fly. Why are you not flying to meet the aspirations of your goals and your dreams?  In this generation more than any other...

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