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Peace On The Journey - Inspiration 2/21/2017

You’re not gonna find happiness when you get "there", if you never found it on the way there. There is no destination, designation, or position that guarantees happiness. There is only a journey. Steps guided in faith on the journey brings peace in the experience.

 ~April D. Byrd, Breathoflifedaily.com

Goodmorning Texts To God

Just yesterday my beloved cellphone was stolen, even though at some point it hit me that I could stand to be on the cell phone less and in the holy spirit more. I'm really feeling it now more than ever.  The reality that a cellphone takes up so much of my time, so much of my energy. not to mention all the information that's poured in.

Maybe I got a little bit too overzealous with the time I was spending on it, hopefully I can use it's absence now as an opportunity to get closer and "refresh" my relationship with the creator, the one who manufactured me, who can download information and input more data into my soul, and give me just the right recharging I need to thrive.

It would be very beneficial to spend more time with God instead of giving those extra minutes to Facebook, Instagram and snapchat.

what we look at, interact with and spend time with the most continuously affects us. We are shaped and molded by all these thoughts, ideas, and images that we see, so it's best to get the vision from the truest and purest source.

Cellphones have reshaped the way people get involved in and have romantic relationships as well. Nowadays a key indicator that a guy may be actually serious about pursuing a relationship with a woman is a consistent good morning text. Notice I said consistent, not random whenever the thought may come to mind or they may be just looking to have a good time, but intentional consistency.

If a guy sends you a consistent goodmorning text it's pretty serious...and they're more than likely sincerely interested in getting to know you more. The search and courting process has been redefined.

So, what if more people had that same attitude and became seriously interested in the will of God for their lives every morning. What if we pursued God's presence as such? consistently, every morning never skipping a beat, never missing a chance or an opportunity to check in?

What would happen is there would be great a greater sense of stability, the stability that makes a "happy" home -- in this case a content and peaceful spirit in our beings which are the houses of God.

A lot of people understand that in a loving, committed relationship, better yet a marriage one of the key benefits is stability. In having a committed, consistent relationship with God through prayer and practicing faith, the stability we need presents itself better than being in a relationship with any person ever could.

Wholeness within ourselves is beneficial before we start a partnership with anyone else.

Maybe I got a little bit too overzealous with the time I was spending on the phone, and can use it's absence now as an opportunity to get closer and refresh my relationship with my creator. I'm sure I'm not the only one who may spend a little bit too much time with the cellphone, heavily attached to it.

I'm still keep hope alive that the phone resurfaces but I'm gonna enjoy this time where more life is being poured directly into my spirit and not just needless information. It's in the presence of God where we find life and we attract true peace into our lives EVERYDAY.


1st Annual Women Uplifted Red Carpet Event Hosted To Benefit TCHH Foundation

Pastor Jennifer C. Turner, Sylvia Litana Robertson, Patricia M. Littiya, DJ Justin and other happy attendees smiling for the camera at "Women Uplifted " Event.

Atlanta, GA.-- Saturday January 28th 2017

Pastor and Mentor Coach Jennifer C. Turner on behalf of Teresa Chibeka Helping Hand Foundation (TCHH) held the 1st ever Women Uplifted Broken Hearts Can Mend Red Carpet Event to honor various women and men who have triumphantly overcame adversity in their lives and continue to excel in the community. The event also served to raise awareness and support for the "Catch-Me-In-Person" Mentorship Program under the TCHH foundation. Women Uplifted was held at the Historic Camellia Hall Women's Club in College Park.

As a Mentor Coach and powerful Leadership and Transformation coach Pastor Jennifer focuses on helping others rewrite their life story for reinvention, wellness, transition and success. Teresa Chibeka Helping Hand Foundation named after her late mother, in accordance helps to develop mentorship programs that train Mentor Coaches and support non-governmental organizations to Inspire families to strive for wholeness through coaching tools and education. The Catch-Me-In-Person Mentorship Program in particular is a major component in the foundation's work.

The event was filled with empowerment and inspiration, lauding individuals making a positive difference in the world despite their hardships or setbacks.

The Red Carpet hosted fabulous attendees and multi-talented honorees including:

Life Coach and Media Personality Dr. Latangela Crossfield, Pastor and Author Latarsha D. Holden, Singer Juanita Bompart who blessed the stage with multiple songs at the event, and empowered the audience with her voice, Founder of LeeSadie Productions Dr. Yolanda "Cookie" Snipes, Entrepreneur and Media Influencer Terry Moorer, Speaker/Author Alison Feliciano who also conducted media interviews with her fellow honorees, Overcomer and Entrepreneur Caroline Martin, Co-Organizer and Zambian Embassy Affiliate Patricia M. Littiya, as well as The Platform Builder Dr. Renee Sunday to name a few.

The distinction of the honorees was excellently conducted and pronounced by the eloquence of sponsor and host Sylvia Litana Robertson.

In honor of the Women Uplifted theme Poet Kendall Turner presented her infamous piece "Made of Stone", Fear Coach Demecos Chambers also uplifted the attendees in his speech designated to empower overcoming fear.

Empowered Businesses including "God's Girl Fashions" by Rosalind Jones and "Bling Queen Accessories" by Tanisha Monroe were also on site to ensure that Women Uplifted attendees left sparkling brighter than they came.

Although the Women Uplifted attendees brought their own shine, the event decor from Jacinda Mitchell  (CindiGotIt Decor & More) set the ambiance for an amazing and memorable experience.

Many kudos to Pastor Jennifer and everyone that helped make Women Uplifted the great event that it was. A special salute to All of the honorees. Congratulations!

To learn more about the Teresa Chibeka Helping Hand Foundation and The "Catch-Me-In-Person" Mentorship program and how you can support visit:

For more pictures from the Women Uplifted Red Carpet Event visit the album at VOW-Inspire Network on Facebook.


Mastering Self Control: Emotions vs Feelings



        Realizing the difference between our emotions and our feelings is a concept that is important for us to learn if we desire to master true self-control. It is necessary that we maintain constant awareness of our bodies and our environment, as those are the two main sources that ignite triggers in our brain causing our emotions to activate. Once we become aware or conscious of what is taking place in our bodies, we then create a feeling as a reaction to that emotion. For example, when some people have to  speak in front of a crowd; their palms may get sweaty, mouth may get dry, and they become nervous.  Well, these are the natural emotions that are particular to their specific nature. What that person does in response to those different emotions, makes up the way they feel. As an example, a feeling to these emotions may develop as inadequacy, causing the person to completely abandon their public speaking  event and withdraw from their audience.

       It is important for us to not automatically react to the developments of our emotions. What we should do is take note of what is happening to cause a specific emotion to arise, and acknowledge what type of feelings we possess toward our emotion. If the feeling you get from an emotion is positive take a moment to embrace the feeling. What aspects of that feeling do you enjoy the most?  What are you seeing at the present moment? What are you hearing? Is there any noticeable sent in the environment? If you really have a chance to take in the moment, think about some activities you can partake in to recreate this experience on a regular basis.
      If you notice the feeling that develop in response to a particular emotion is negative, find some positive affirmations you can recite to ease the tension in your body. Some examples of positive affirmations are "I believe I have the power to face anything that comes my way'', or "Even if this does not workout, I know this specific event does not determine the outcome of the next,"  or If nobody else believes in what I do, I believe in it-and that enough for me". Another way to counter the effects of negative feelings is to develop coping skills. When an emotion arises that leads us to have overwhelming feelings of negativity or anxiety, we can use coping skills to bring us back to a normative state of mind. Some examples of coping skills include singing a favorite song, writing in your journal, or even crying. Sometimes we have to give ourselves the permission to cry since some people view crying as a weakness. But truthfully, crying allows us to get over some emotions that otherwise we would hold on to.

      Getting a grip on controlling or feelings by understanding our emotions gives us the foundation for self-control. Understanding these principles and concepts not only allow us to identify our triggers, but allow us to control our actions that allow us to fulfill our purpose. Being able to control our feelings to particular emotions allow us to maintain control of atmosphere. We decide what is acceptable and unacceptable. We control our mind and our behaviors. With self-control comes consistency, decisiveness, and the development to dedication which are all needed to sustain a successful lifestyle.

Carla Marcelle, is a Transformation Purpose Coach and founder of she's 31 Ministries which is dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the edification, enlightenment, education of the principles to maintain a successful lifestyle based on the foundation of God .{Join the She's31 group on Facebook}


Discovering Propitiation: Where Would We Be Without It?


Propitiation: A word that was stuck in the back of my mind, lodged in my subconscious for a while now, but would resurface every now and again. Since lately however, the word has been coming to the forefront of my mind more often. This word, honestly I did not exactly know what it meant, but I know I heard it in a song some where. As the word Propitiation began to stick with me more extensively, I figured it was time to put a definition to this mysterious word that was consistently on my mind, and determine why this word was becoming more compelling to me here and now in this season of my life.
        When I finally looked up the word, what was revealed to me was amazing. First, because the Christmas season was just at here, and second, because I have been spiritually growing into my true identity with Christ. Now, I know you must be wondering what is the significance of this word. OK, here it is.

"Propitiation: The turning away of wrath because of an offering" (Theopedia.com 2016)
 As this definition began to fill my thought process, I began to realize God in his perfection cannot entertain sin, he cannot allow it into his presence, nor can it be accepted in the heavenly realm. Sin in its self is the disconnection to God, the Creator. Therefore, it is important for there to be some sort of reconciliation to restore the connection to God. That reconciliation is Christ.

He [Christ] is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours, but also for the sins of the whole world (1 John 2:2 {NIV})

As I read this verse, I thought about how Christ died to save the whole world. Through his death on the cross, took the punishment that was meant for me and you, because we are sinners, so that we would not have to endure that punishment from God. In this way Christ satisfied the wrath or anger of God that was meant for us. Romans 3:25 depicts the sacrifice of Christ for our sins.

For God sent Christ Jesus to take the punishment for our sins and to end all God's anger towards us. He used Christ's blood and our faith as a means of saving us from His wrath. In this way he was being entirely fair even though he did not punish those who sinned in former times. For he was looking forward to the time when Christ would take away those sins.  (Romans  3:25 {TLB})

In reading this, I think about times in weakness of emotions, where I sometimes have no filter because I simply react to a present situation, not thinking, and allowing my sinful nature (anger and vulgarity) to consume me, and totally overtake me without thought. I think about times where I allow my  desire for worldly pleasures to dictate my actions, and give into different things that please and gratify my sinful desires; and I am grateful I have an out. I can repent, and ask for forgiveness with  sincerity and know I am forgiven. Even when I fall a thousand times, I can still get back up and know because of what Christ did on the cross, his grace is sufficient and I am justified. I am able to proceed with a fresh slate to continue in my spirituality until I reach my destination in Christ.
Therefore, there is no condemnation for those who who are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1 {NIV})

The whole propitiation concept is the very reason for the existence of Christ. Think about it, Jesus Christ, God in the form of man coming to Earth to satisfy his own anger, so that we can have grace and a chance to be reconnected to God. Absolutely an amazing gesture to prove how valuable we are to God.

I give Honor and Glory to King Christ Jesus AKA God, because they are 2 in the same, for the gift of Propitiation. Who else loved you enough to endure such a great Wrath on your behalf to restore your connection to God? In your down fall, think of the Propitiation and how without it there would be no more chances for you. Think about how God saw it fit that you have the opportunity for restoration, and allow that to be your motivation for advancement in your spirituality.

Carla Marcelle, is a Spiritual Transformation Coach and founder of she's 31 Ministries which dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the edification, enlightenment, education of the principles of God.