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Lecrae Speaks About Depression, How To Cope, and How He Dealt With It!

It's National Suicide Prevention Week (September 5th-11th) and two-time Grammy Award-winning artist and New York Times best-selling author, LECRAE, shares that he too has suffered from crippling depression. 

In a riveting video posted on his YouTube channelLecrae, a survivor of sexual, verbal and physical abuse reveals that in 2018, he woke up after a night of binge drinking in a clinical depression. He also shares how he dealt with deep wounds from his childhood and the journey that has led to his personal restoration!

Feel free to watch, share, and post this story it may resonate with someone.

If you're at the "Deep End," don't "Drown!" There are people standing by to help you! Call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255. Remember that God has a plan and purpose for your life that is greater than your challenges!

-- Jackie Asare

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Pandora Celebrates Gospel Music Heritage Month with Jonathan McReynolds, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and more.

Pandora celebrates Gospel Music Heritage month during September by honoring the genre’s roots with two ways for listeners to experience the exuberant spirit of Gospel music.

Pandora’s Gospel Radio station will feature a soul-lifting mix of the biggest hits, powerhouse vocalists, spine-tingling choirs and unforgettable church classics in Gospel music. Listeners can share in the good news with artists like CeCe Winans, Tamela Mann, Marvin Sapp and others who embody this American art form with roots deep in family, faith and freedom.

Pandora is also launching a special Gospel Roots Mode on Gospel Radio (out today), which allows listeners to tap even more deeply into the root of Gospel music. Hosted by Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds, Gospel Roots features icons like Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and others sharing the stories and anthems that have shaped their lives. McReynolds, known for his emotive and uplifting pop and R&B-infused sound, will set the tone for an engaging exploration of the power of gospel and its impact on almost every genre of music that exists today.

McReynolds says, “I’ll never forget just growing up those first few Sundays, being the church musician on the south side of Chicago. At some point, as we began to lift our voices and sing, it was as if the music and the piano was playing me, I was just along for the ride. I’ll never forget. Gospel Music Heritage month is a time to reflect on the music and ministry that got us here.

Gospel is the music of hope. It’s church music, an American art form which is a testament to the universal appeal that both inspires and entertains across racial, ethnic, and geographic boundaries.

This Gospel Music Heritage Month, Pandora wants you to join them as they honor the universal sound, soul and spirit of gospel — the superstars, emerging artists and the unforgettable, soaring choirs — that will only be found on Pandora. Where gospel royalty reigns.

You Can Listen to Pandora’s Gospel Radio HERE:

story courtesy of: spinlab

Lecrae To Host New Financial Web Series, “Protect The Bag”

 Grammy winning Artist, Lecrae will be the host of a new personal finance web series “Protect The Bag”, in partnership with Experian North America.

Award-winning Gospel Rap Artist Lecrae, has partnered with Experian North America, a leading information services company, to present, “Protect The Bag,” a six-part web series, that provides viewers with a blueprint for building a financial legacy.

The video series produced by Lecrae’s production company, 3 Strand Films, premieres Fall 2021, and guides audiences through the ins and outs of financial health. Through short sketches and the help of some high-profile special guests, Lecrae will break down the basics of financial literacy and credit education to help viewers understand how to balance their financial needs of today, with those of tomorrow.

“I am on a mission to spread the word on financial education because I wasn’t educated about money and didn’t know about budgeting,” Lecrae explained. “I didn’t know to think about the cost of things or what to pay off first because I just didn’t have a strategy.” He believes that through his unique vision, partnered with Experian’s expertise, the message of financial health and inclusion will be embraced.

Each episode will cover a key point of building a financial legacy starting with understanding money and utilizing checking and savings accounts. Other topics include budgeting, saving, protecting one’s identity, debt, and investing.

Lecrae with his production company partners, 3 Strand Films
From left to right: Erick Hodge (producer), A.D. “Lumkile” Thomason (producer, writer, director). 
Lecrae (host, artist), Reginald Brown (photographer, BTS, editor).

This partnership is part of Experian’s United for Financial Health, a global financial recovery initiative that helps educate and empower vulnerable consumers around their finances and minority business owners around financial health. Under this program, Lecrae previously supported the Home Preservation Grant, an Experian partnership with the NAACP to provide mortgage relief to homeowners negatively impacted by COVID-19.

“Credit education isn’t always taught in homes and schools. In fact, a recent Experian survey shows almost one in three (30%) of young adults wish they learned how to build credit or improve their credit scores before entering adulthood,” said Wil Lewis, chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer for Experian. “We’re excited to partner with Lecrae for ’Protect The Bag’ and see this as an innovative way to reach young consumers so they can start their financial health journey on the right foot.”

Protect The Bag will premiere on Lecrae’s YouTube channel and social media platforms. Learn more at or follow him on social media @Lecrae.

News courtesy of Schure Media Group


Motivation Music: "Nothing Else" | Edward Rivera

Before the world polluted my heart that I should desire the things in it. All the wealth, fame, glory and praise belong to The Lord. The Creator.

The Creator that made the human heart knows exactly how to satisfy it.

As Edward Rivera sings, extols The Lord: "Only you satisfy my heart" in 'Nothing Else', I think about all the times waiting on The Lord proved to be the best thing EVER. This is becoming increasingly more clear. I'm a witness that The Lord can satisfy our desires better than we can even imagine, when our sole desire is Him. GOD Will Blow Your Mind, If you allow Him to. This song is a great reminder of that. . .

My prayer for you today is that you know this all the more, and it increasingly moves your spirit to love, trust, cherish, honor and worship The Lord in all you do. with all you are.

Jesus replied: “’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ - Matthew 22:37

May you have a glory-filled day in The Lord!

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What If You Allowed GOD To Do The Mending

"A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, kill, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!" - John 10:10

Sometime ago I came across the art and concept of Kintsugi online. Kintsugi is the practice of repairing broken objects with Gold. The flaw becomes a unique piece of the objects history, this adds to it's beauty. 

This goes to show that anything that's broken can be mended. Allow the Holy Spirit to piece you back together and mend Every broken place. Your life is filled with purpose. You still and always can be used by GOD.

We can literally be "Beautifully Broken" before GOD. When The Lord repairs us our value will increase.

You may have been dismayed or disheartened when you faced certain trials. It might be true today, but take heart because GOD's got you. There is no depth or brokenness that you can't be recovered from. There is no place that you can't be healed by the Holy Spirit.

Your struggle increased your value. May you allow GOD's power and the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit to fill you. 

I pray for myself and for you as well, that every crack, every crevice, every broken place be filled by the Holy Spirit.

May you continue to grow as you know GOD and the awesome power that resides in you!

Many Blessings!


Royalty, Restoration, and Repair

a crown of thorns. photo credit: Samuel Lopes

"When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things." - 1 Corinthians 13:11

I heard someone say that the Author who wrote that verse in Corinthians "Intentionally" put away childish things. It was not by accident or by chance, but by choice.

The decision to put away childish things and "renew our minds" goes along with the intentional act of surrender. Surrendering our will to GOD's will, surrendering our thoughts to GOD's thoughts for us is where real transformation is.

After so many years of getting hurt by ego and my own will and outlook, I'm grateful to realize how essential obedience and surrender are. While they are sometimes not easy, they're necessary for our life's journey.

Surrender is required for growth. From a child to a man, from a man to a royal, obedience has it.  As I celebrated a birthday and personal new year, I realized a few things and was given the revelation that I'll move forward with:

"Surrender is a process, but surrender is what makes you royal."
Jesus was on earth as a man, but he rose as a King. Jesus had to surrender to ascend. Sometimes It wasn’t easy. We see it when Jesus has his “Mountain top” experiences that prayer, wisdom and surrender were fully required.
Satan tempted Jesus on a mountain, but truth prevailed.
Jesus prayed on a mountain:

Father not my will but your will be done.” - Luke 22:42
The journey requires patience, process, and surrender.

Without having an elevated view, we can’t see things how GOD sees things. Intentionally aiming to see them how GOD sees them is surrender. . . It’s the stuff Kings and Queens are made of.

Dr. King literally said “I’ve been to the mountain top”. Great vision comes from a high view. . . The Most High’s view to be specific. A lot of people declare a certain age to be their “Jesus Year”, but I proclaim this year as my “Queen Year”.

  • This is the year that the only validation I seek is GODs.
  • This is the year that GOD’s kingdom for me will be established through me.
The greatness of Jesus' story is not that he died, but that he was revived. I’m grateful that life's journey requires daily refreshing and surrender. As long as my soul is restored I can live and I can continue to rise.

We have to submit our mind, body and soul to the Lord in order for them to be restored. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” - Psalm 23:3

A Queen is not afraid to fail” As I continue to surrender to love, I know I never will.

I am embracing my Queen Year! Cheers to the Divine Royalty within us.


Kelontae Gavin, Ted & Sheri, And More To Perform At Mother's Day Virtual Gospel Event

The ASCAP organization is continuing their #ASCAPRealSounds series. Sunday, May 9 2021 Gospel Artists Ted & Sheri, Kelontae Gavin, Brandon Camphor & Oneway and DJ Camper will be featured in the virtual concert event, which will include pre-recorded musical performance videos and interviews with the chart-topping artists.

Additionally, there will be a brunch cooking demonstration with chef Andrea Hamilton, who will show viewers how to prepare French toast.  The ASCAP "Sunday Inspiration" Series has previously featured gospel artists such as: Brian Kennedy, Kim Person, Mali Music, Brian Courtney Wilson, Y'Anna Crawley, Casey J, Anthony Brown, Jekalyn Carr and others.

You can tune in via YouTube and Instagram via @ASCAP and @ASCAPUrban
Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 2:30pm ET/11:30am PT

You're also invited to join the conversation using the official hashtags #ASCAPRealSounds and #ASCAPSundayInspiration.

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