The Alto Adjustment Screening @ Back-to-School Park Jam >>> EVENT

Back To Basics Park Jam is a back to school event featuring music, food, fun, and a big school supply giveaway. Atlanta's Soul Food Cypher group will be hosting the event and All proceeds will benefit Boys2Men Home & Sanctuary for Youth to assist in preparation for the upcoming school year.

The Producers of the Alto Adjustment Documentary will provide a special screening at the event.  From Nothing To Something Productions (FN2S) the creators of the film, along with the Author of  Shawty, the book on which the film is based, Danhein Butler will be on site for a premiere, and Q & A session.

Dainhen Butler learned from  his past mistakes as a youth, changed his life around  and now run's several businesses in the local Georgia community: Dainhen also published a book on his testimony- Shawty: Dainhen Butler. Back-to-Basics will be sharing his story as featured in the documentary created by filmmaker Altuawn Nelson. 

Boys2Men Home and Sanctuary for Youth is a local Atlanta charity organization dedicated to providing hope to an underserved segment of our society, specifically, male youths ages 13-25. Boys2Men intercedes by dispelling negative influences through positive programs and services.

The Film's Introduction and Q & A seesion will be facilitated by BOLDJournal's  EIC, April D. Byrd. See you all at Back-To-Basics Park Jam. Come out and Bring any youth you know for a day of music, food, fun, and giveaways. If you're out send us a line on social media using the #BOLDJournal hashtag.

Date: Sunday, August 3, 2014
Time: 3-8 p.m. (Screening begins at 7 p.m.)
Location: 100 Flat Shoals Ave SE. Atlanta, GA 30316.
Admission: Free (donations encouraged)

You can read more of Butler's story and preview the film HERE on BOLDJournal. For more information about The Alto Adjustment tour and From Nothing To Something Productions visit their website: / E-mail Producer Altuawn Nelson at and connect on Twitter and Instagram:  @FN2SP_ +From Nothing to Something Productions 

To support Boys2Men Home and Sanctuary For Youth visit their website at and check out their latest events in the flyer (below):


Praise In The Park 2014 >>> EVENT

Praise In The Park presented by Praise 102.5/102.9 is the largest outdoor concert with some of the most popular Gospel music artists around. 

Praise In The Park is taking place Saturday August 2, at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA. 

This year's concert line up includes Tasha Cobbs, Jekalyn Carr, Micah Stampley, William Murphy, Tamela Mann, Smokie Norful and Wess Morgan just to name a few.

Breath Of Life Daily supports Praise in the Park. Follow @BOLDJournal on Twitter and Instagram for the latest  in uplifting news, causes and events.

Date: August 2, 2014
Time: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
LocationCentennial Olympic Park, 265 Park Ave W Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313
Admission: Free 

See you All at Praise In The Park!! If you're out send us a line on social media using the hashtag #BOLDJournal.

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Artwalk for Pathway >>> EVENT

The Art Walk for Pathway is a Creative Arts, Fine Arts, and Jewelry Auction event taking place to gain support and raise awareness for Pathway Home for Women. Pathway Home is an organization that cares for Women 18-38 who desire to break free from life-controlling Issues, primarily drug and alcohol abuse, and other destructive patterns of living. Pathway Home provides healing of the heart and training for the future. 

The Business Women of Fayette & Coweta are coming together to support the cause and are inviting the community to join them for a 5 Course Dinner and Art Auction Saturday, September 20th, 2014. 

Art Walk for Pathway will take place in Fayetteville, Georgia @ The Brick at Heritage Church on Redwine road. The Art Walk benefit is also offering levels of sponsorship to local organizations. 

This is a great cause to share and support. Join in the fun and check out Art Walk at the Brick!! Don't forget to invite family, friends, and loved ones.

The Artwalk for Pathway is:

Date:  Saturday, September 20, 2014
Time:  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location:  The Brick at Heritage Church
Tickets:  50 for one and 90 for two
Featuring:  a five course dinner, Creative Arts, Fine Art, and Jewelry Auction

To purchase tickets or learn more about sponsorship go to: For more details or Questions, contact Andra Prowant, E-mail:  

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How To Move Past Your Past

"We live as if the purpose of life is to arrive at death safely." "Freedom is the goal, not safety."  In her Moving Past Your Past series Christine Caine discusses that in life we have to take risks in order to move from where we are to where we want to be and receive God's best life for us. 

I was able to see her video series in it's entirety, which is Amazing! Life Today with James and Betty Robinson also shared an excerpt on their show. The episode featured a flashlight analogy that I knew I wanted to share. In this series, she shares brilliantly that it's never too late to turn our lives around for the better and not be hindered by the past.

It's up to us to understand that no matter what we've been through in life we have the ability to overcome and start over. Don't allow one season of your life to define your entire life. The same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives on the inside of you, and the same holy spirit empowers us to move beyond our past into the future and destiny that Jesus Christ has for us.

Refuse to Allow your past to Limit your future!!

Check out Christine's empowering message (below):

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What Christianity Looks Like

Tameka Bates stood as protection for a mother and her baby against a harasser with a very violent spirit. On a Philadelphia bus line Tameka BOLDly proclaimed "Satan the blood of  Jesus rebuke you" as she blocked the man's access to the mother. Tameka's actions is the epitome of what Christianity is, A BOLDness and fearlessness that comes from no other place but the spirit of God, put into action. While everyone else sat by idly, Tameka's Spirit was called out to do the right thing.

"I didn't fear what was in Him because I knew the greater being that was in me could defeat what was actually in him." Bates told FOX news. Tameka is a Minister at Resurrection Evangelistic Church. It's safe to say Her faith stood in the gap for the situation. The world is witnessing more powerful stories like this, as not too long ago Antionette Tuff showed her faith in action, when she talked with an Armed and Dangerous man on a elementary school's premises and changed a potentially harmful course of events.

These are great examples of what Christianity looks like being practiced in the world. Hopefully we will see more stories like these develop and make major headlines.

FOX Philly news first broke the report of Tameka's Bravery (Video Below):

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What's In A Name?: The Recompense of #IAmJada

The fact that Jada chose to reclaim her name back after such public disrespect and degradation is extraordinary. The 16-year-old girl from Texas who woke up after attending a party and found pictures of herself  unconscious and naked online, believes she was raped, after being given a spiked drink. If all this wasn't bad enough the pictures of her body were being ridiculed under the hashtag #Jadapose.

In this age hashtags are as important as names, and just like a birth name they can take on a life of their own. Yes, Corruption and debauchery can be digitally personified and taken lightly. However in Jada's case Bravery, Awareness, and Resilience are coming out on top, as the power of good tends to do. Jada chose to stand up and make her voice heard. She made the choice to claim her true character under the hashtag #IAmJada.

In an interview with Marc Lamont Hill on huffpost live, there is a striking moment when Jada states the aim to "Get Her Name Back". For many people who have been a victim to such a crime the tenacity that Jada's shown does not come so easily, if at all. What's commendable is that she chose not to hold back. Her voice is uplifted, with much support. Given the many cases where so many voices have gone unheard because of fear. Her strength is helping to foster a world where survivors know they are safe, they are believed, and they're lives will not be consumed with shame*.

The names given to us represent our character and essence. The very name Jada is from Hebrew origin, meaning "wise", or "one who knows". It's fitting that Jada knew the power of claiming her voice. Her life and her name need not be consumed. Her story is a testament that our name and our true character can never be taken.

There is significant power in owning our strength, Your strength is yours and it belongs to no one else. In earlier reports Jada stated that her "reputation was over." but through this, It can be said that it has just begun and it's the best one yet. The very fact that Jada took a stand is a statement that there is power beyond her body. As a woman your power is not solely in your body or sex appeal. Women are often objectified in media, and we can play the blame game all day, but the truth is individuals need to be held accountable for their actions. The men in these cases, or any offender should not be excused. Stop blaming victims. Stop letting true criminals go uncharged.

In the interview with Hill, Jada is tired, and dealing with the issue seems very taxing, but her bravery has yielded a great reward. I imagine she would be tired, but may her strength be renewed, may she continue to run on because the cause is worthy.

Millions are standing in support under the hashtag #IAmJada. We will not let "Jada" go unheard. To every "Jada", understand that your dignity will not be stripped, your consciousness is your power, your raised voice of awareness is vital, and You Are The VICTOR!

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presences actually liberates others*. Jada's presence has made a difference online and off. She is #BOLDJada #BraveJada #FierceJada #WiseJada #SmartJada, #VictoriousJada, #ConsiousJada #AwareJada #FearlessJada! We stand proud to be a #Fearless Jada!

For more support and information on help in overcoming an abuse situation and supporting victors. Contact Survivors with Voices Organization at                                                                    


From Nothing To Something: The Dainhen Butler Story

Not too many people can say life was nice and easy for them growing up. Dainhen Butler will tell you his life wasn't extremely hard as a young adult, but it definitely wasn't easy. Dainhen went from a childhood that wasn't all sunshine, and went for something better with his life...or at least what he thought was "better" at the time. He got involved with quick and easy money and a life of crime at a young age. With faith and the drive to be better, he was able to turn it all around. His situation has worked out for the greater good, and he is continuing to help, and be an influential voice in his community.

In the mid 90's Dainhen Butler was sentenced to serve 10 Years (1996-2006) in Lee Arrendale State Prison for armed robbery. Lee Arrendale State Prison formerly known as ALTO, was transitioned from a men's facility to an all women's facility because of it's violent reputation. Being the son of two business owners, Dainhen rose from the ashes of his past mistakes and now run's several businesses in the local Georgia community: FunTime Moonwalk Rentals, A&B Ice Cream Trucks, and Tender Care Home Healthcare Service. Dainhen also published a book on his testimony- Shawty: Dainhen Butler.

From Nothing To Something Productions produced a documentary expounding on Dainhen's story: The Alto Adjustment is complete with firsthand interviews and footage of family's members and friends who were apart of Dainhen's process from inmate to inspiration. From Nothing To Something Productions is sponsoring a screening tour of The Alto Adjustment for youth organizations, churches, schools, foster homes, etc. in the Metro Atlanta area. Check out this amazing story! Watch the official trailer for The Alto Adjustment in association with Modest Media (below):

For booking information about The Alto Adjustment tour and From Nothing To Something Productions visit their website: / E-mail Producer Altuawn Nelson at and connect on Twitter and Instagram:  @FN2SP_  +From Nothing to Something Productions