8 Lessons I Learned From Volunteering At A Homeless Shelter

by: Ruthann Mckenzie

Six months ago, I felt strongly compelled to help volunteer and teach at the homeless shelter. I figured that there may be something within me to help teach others through my life stories. Well, six months later and I realized I relate quite a bit to those I have the pleasure of teaching. However, instead of it being lessons I teach from the bible, the life stories I hear from others share Christ to my heart. 

I wanted to share some of the lessons I have learned so far. What teaching at the homeless shelter has taught me so far is...
Ministering by feeding the homeless

  • Preach to a world that is dying. Yes it is important to go to church and hear the word and study for yourself. Yet, if we sit in the pews week after week, then we will miss effective opportunities to spread the word. 
  • The love of Christ needs to be shared. If you have hope, then share that hope with others who may not have experienced it before. 
  • We all go through hardships, but you can always bless someone else. Hearing a story from a homeless individual who was blessed with a gift card and bought food was nice, but hearing him share that blessing with someone else he didn't know was amazing. He was selfless when he was also in need. It doesn't matter what situation you are in, you can always afford to help someone else.
  • We are all gifted and have a purpose. You can find yourself in the service of others. It's a humbling, but rewarding experience to empower others to aspire for more again and use their giftedness.

  • Jesus made friends with those we consider "outcasts". Perhaps He did so because those people were pretty cool and just needed someone to talk to and show them love. Jesus didn't look down on people in pity, but he was compassionate and through his love showed others the way up. By being more Christ-like,  perhaps we can socialize with those we may consider "outcasts" to the world and share love.
  • Get out of your comfort place. When I began speaking at the shelter I stuttered and cried my first teaching. I was so overwhelmed with speaking in front of others. It was uncomfortable to say the least. At the end, I spoke with the director and she commended me on my effort and told me next month would be better. I could not help but think, "next month? Did she not see me cry?" But next month was easier, and months later I can no longer use the excuse I do not know how to speak in front of others. Which brings me to my next point...
  • God can use the least of us. You do not have to be highly educated or rich in much. All you need to do to help others is be willing. A willing heart will take you far. People appreciate authenticity and realness over pretentious fluff of those who think they are better than everyone else. We all are broken vessels, but we can all be used. 
  • If you want a change in the world, be the change. Stop complaining of how bad things are and actually make a difference in some way. You were not just placed on this earth to acquire things, be filled with self, worship for your own gain, or mope about how bad things are. No you and I were placed here with a purpose to worship Christ and love. We can display the love of Christ by helping those in need.

The smallest step in the right direction is significant to the kingdom. You don't have to know the most or be the best, but a willing heart is all you need. I trust that when you yield to service of others you may discover more about yourself than ever before. Be the change you wish to see and dare to make a difference!

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram:@theconfidentyou 


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Omitting: The Truth

by: Chancee Christian

"God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” ~John 4:24
Worship: to honor or reverence as a divine being or supernatural power 2 : to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion

So, most of us already know how to worship God..... & we all have different ways that we worship, some lift their hands, some shout, some cry, some just bow or kneel to show great honor or respect for God!

I, personally, worship God in three of those ways. However, I've come to realize that worshipping God is one of the easy parts of walking with Him.....once we learn who God is through a real relationship & learn to love God for who He is...... Worship is easy.....but that's only half of it.....

Truth: sincerity in action, character, and utterance

The other half of our lives with God and how we worship Him, is truth!!

Is it possible to only be a halfway worshiper?


How so?
We can use are lips to pray, love on & praise God & also curse His own children.....

James 3:9 "We use our tongues to praise our Lord and Father, but then we curse people, whom God made like himself."

How so?
We will lift our hands in Worship to God & use those same hands to flip others off, to place them on others in physical abuse or touch others in places that are only supposed to be for our spouses......

Truth (the Word of God) tells us in Matthew 22:39 to ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’

How so?
We will shout, some in tongues, many blessings to the Lord our God in Worship but also shout at drivers on the road, shout disrespectful words at our children, spouses, employees and employers.....

James 3:10 Praises and curses come from the same mouth! My brothers and sisters, this should not happen.

How so? We can love God, serve Him, follow some of His commandments because we don't want to admit we are out of order or out of God's Will, so we continue to live in sin because the World accepts you living with the man or woman you're not married to.....the World accepts you being in a marriage or relationship with the same sex...... because the World accepts you not forgiving those who hurt you, did you wrong so therefore you live in bitterness & resentment......

The World accepts so many of the things God doesn't accept in His Kingdom!!!!

So instead of living to please the God you Worship in Spirit.....

We begin to conform to the World

In Spirit we Love & Worship God.....but when it comes to "truth"......

I challenge you today, to STOP being a halfway worshiper, but to begin to WORSHIP God in Spirit and Truth!

Will it happen overnight? Nah
Can you do it? Yes
Will it always be easy? NO
Are you a conqueror? Yep!

But you aren't alone......

Love you ALL!!!!

-Chancee Christian is the founder of Daughters Of A King Ministries.



by: Regina Elizabeth Robinson

Hello beautiful People! My word for you today starts with a word that was given to me by my sister Francena Robinson. Here were her words to me:

 “I am sitting here at work and something just hit me. Lot's wife - There is nothing behind you. I am just reminded of all the times I have looked behind me, and I am sure others have done the same. Looking in the past or behind you only brings about death. There is no way to move forward if the past or what you are leaving is always on your mind. Looking forward to what's ahead is where true joy is.”

I got this email on a day when I was having my own little pity party about what I considered wasted time, talent and resources in my life. It reminds me that He is always with me. And He always sends just what I need, right on time. What a perfect word. A word for me. A word for you. A word for now.

So I challenge you today to stop looking to your past for answers and start looking to your God. Time to put feet to your faith and run hard after those dreams He has placed on your heart. If not now, when. The dream He gave you is not just for you, it is for this world, for the lost, for His Kingdom. So follow your dream. Always Dream Big because we serve a God of endless possibilities.

And remember
   Be Determined to do what ever it takes
   Be Ready for anything at all times
   Be Excellent in every area of your life
   Be Absolute in your Faith
Find Meaning in the Higher Call.

“Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14

Be Blessed. Stay SASSY! Keep Winning!

-Regina “Sunshine” Robinson is the CEO/President of EWATE (Empowered Women Accountable To Each Other), a Women’s Empowerment organization whose main purpose is to empower & encourage women to be all they were created to be in order to fulfill God’s perfect plan for their lives. Their slogan is “We’ll Help You Get Your SASSY Back.” Her personal motto is “It’s Not Over Til I Win” and for her, she wins when she sees others “WINNING”. You can find Regina on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Is Jesus enough?!!

by: Chancee Christian

 Jude 1:24

The proof is in the pudding.....means: To fully test something you need to experience it for yourself!

Before I became truly saved & into God, I thought much of what I saw Christians do was fake, until I actually decided to find out more about God for myself. And boy oh boy were my eyes opened, I became more than just a 'every Sunday church goer', I was transformed into a Christian, a follower of Christ Jesus....but I had a hard time trusting Him, I would constantly ask for signs & miracles as if He hadn't done enough for me!!

How many of us do this, knowing darn well that He has brought us out of some things.....? While studying this scripture: 

Mark 8:12
And he sighed deeply in his spirit and said, “Why does this generation seek a sign? Truly, I say to you, no sign will be given to this generation.”
It made me think; "Why don't we just trust God & stop trying to make Him prove Himself?" Over & over God has shown you who He is, by getting you out of this situation & that situation, getting you a new car, a new job, a better home, a more stable life. HE has rescued you from that relationship, that (possible) marriage, that accident, HE has protected you from things that you never seemed to understand because you saw it as a disappointment, a heartbreak or a setback! However, you STILL ask for more signs?!!

When will you trust God....Hasn't God done enough in Jesus alone?!
Are you trying to see if He will change His mind, be unfaithful, untrue, or if He will mess up?

Numbers 23:19
God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?
Isaiah 55:11
so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.
God has already shown Himself trustworthy, but how can we find contentment, satisfaction, gratefulness?

1 Timothy 6:8
But, if we have food and clothes, we will be satisfied with that.
Philippians 4:11
I am not telling you this because I need anything. I have learned to be satisfied with the things I have and with everything that happens.

Be Content & Trust God. Don't allow yourself to test God so much that we become like the Pharisees in Mark 8 that are cut off from His signs, miracles & wonders!!

Just Trust God!!

Chancee Christian is the founder of Daughters Of A King Ministries. 


Transformation: The Caterpillar And The Butterfly

By: Ruthann Mckenzie

The journey from the caterpillar to the butterfly is far greater than people give it credit for. We all praise the butterfly for its beauty and grace. Yet seldom do we praise the butterfly for the extraordinary journey it takes to become its intended greatness. It seems that we distinguish the butterfly from the caterpillar as if they are two separate entities. The purpose and destiny of the caterpillar is tossed out because the butterfly steals the show.

Scientifically, the butterfly goes through four different stages before it becomes an actual butterfly.  Of the high number of eggs the butterfly lays, only approximately 1 in 20 will make it to the next stage. After the egg develops, more will drop off if they cannot survive their first meal as a caterpillar.  At the stage of a caterpillar is where most of the work and transformation comes in to play.  It takes much effort and strength to make it through to the final stages of spinning into a cocoon.  It takes so much work for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly that there are five different stages within the caterpillars life alone.  Through all of those stages, some still do not make it.

The greatness of the butterfly is that it goes through all of that work.  Before the butterfly actually forms its wings, before it even turns into a caterpillar, at each stage it could all come to an end.  However, only the strongest endure to the end and flutter into the majestic butterfly we praise so highly.
We can all learn a lesson from nature through the process of becoming a butterfly.  People will always just see the end result.  So at whatever stage you are at, they see that as the end.  This is not true for the caterpillar, whose life mission is to become a butterfly. This is also not true for us and our journey.  People will only praise us once we make it to the top, however they neglect the process and journey that it takes to get to the final stage.

Even at the final stage for a butterfly, they still have more work to do.  Their migration and laying of eggs are work that means their journey of life does not end once they become a butterfly.  Likewise, our journey does not end once we endure to the end of our vision.  Nevertheless, others will not see the additional work that is ongoing. This does not negate the fact that work and the journey continues.  

For myself, keeping certain things in mind has helped me realize how important the journey really is. Keep in mind these four things as you continue on your path to your dreams:

1. Embrace where you are. At each stage there is a lesson and there can be fulfillment. This will help guide us through each stage.

2. Be willing to change. A willingly open and receptive heart can take you so far. It can take you to the final stage of the butterfly. However, when you fail to want to change then your growth becomes stagnant and dies. This is also evident with the caterpillar.

3. Enjoy each stage. Find beauty as often as you can. It doesn't have to be the ideal situation to still find something positive. If the only positive thing you can find is being alive, then enjoy that because it means more will come.

4. Remain humble so when you are exalted in due time it will be well deserved. I doubt the butterfly ever looks at the caterpillar and despises it's beginnings. Even in its glory of its journey, remaining humble is ever important.

So, do not give up.  Do not look down upon the caterpillar because it is not yet a butterfly.  Instead praise the caterpillar as well for laying the groundwork and foundation for the butterfly.  When we are in our caterpillar stage, do not give up. Not everyone makes it because they see their current situation and do not want to envision the future for being better and brighter. They cannot see the end result.  Even if it seems like an eternity, the final stage, the butterfly stage, will occur.  Keep pressing forward and enjoy the journey at each stage.  For the simple fact that you have not given up yet means there is better coming if you just endure.

Love the butterfly, but respect and enjoy the caterpillar as well. It is a reflection of our journey.  

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram:@theconfidentyou