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Sleeping With The Enemy - Greenleaf Recap

Charity is getting in a tangled web of deceit...
How often do we get entangled with the devil behind something that we want? To feed our own selfish needs apart from GOD's will for us?

This seems to be Charity's case in the series "Greenleaf". She's literally getting into a romance with the enemy. While we're at it so is Kerissa and she has a whole husband.

While the situations may be slightly different the root cause of these indiscretions is the same. Desiring what they want in their own time, and trying to achieve it by their own means. 

It's so important to pray and be led by our GOD's will for us, and get divine instructions about how to maneuver in trying situations.

I doubt very seriously that Charity and Kerissa's actions, and the boundaries that they're crossing to get what they want is in line with the holy spirit, or anything like what Jesus would do.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD, and turn away from evil." - Proverbs 3:5-7
Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Charity and Kerissa aren't doing so much trusting and acknowledging, and I have a strong feeling it's gonna lead them into a lot of pain and trouble down the road.

What are your thoughts on the events that are transpiring with the Greenleaf clan? Leave a comment on this post and follow us for the latest updates on all social media channels @BOLDJournal


3 Affirmations To Kickstart Inner Work

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will." -Romans 12:2 

I'm starting to realize that the more truthful I become about honoring divine purpose and love within myself, The more my spirit serves me and provides good vibes. Yesterday was a divine intervention of the holy spirit. During the mountain top experience with a few friends (we hiked up stone mountain), one of them asked us to write down a few things we wanted to release, and proclaim them on the way up the mountain at each resting point. 

Once we got to the top of the mountain we discarded the things that we wanted to release and replaced them with what we wanted to go forward in. The three things I wrote down to release were procrastination, fear, and disbelief.

Everything that I wanted to progress in moving forward, were the opposite of the things I wanted to release. What I wrote down to walk forward in turned out to be affirmations and came out more defined than I expected. The receiving was more powerful, than the releasing. I wrote down:

I embrace productivity for divine purpose and call forth divine guidance.

I receive courage.

I believe that I'm worthy of an abundance of love, and love is always working for me.

I encourage you to embrace, receive, and believe If you want to release similar things like fear and procrastination. 

Remember, love and fear can't operate in the same place. Feel free to use these affirmations mentioned whenever you're feeling doubtful. 

What are some affirmations that you use for yourself. Share them in the comments section below or let me know online
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Greenleaf Cast Members Gather To Celebrate Atlanta Director

A few of the cast members from the Oprah Winfrey network's Mega church series Greenleaf were on site in Atlanta to celebrate Director Crystle C. Roberson's  Directorial debut for Prime Time TV. 

Crystle C. Roberson is a content creator and Director who has worked on the crew of films like The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks, Think Like A Man, and Why Did I Get Married to name a few. It was a pleasure to celebrate her as she broke through in her directing career with a major television series, of Oprah sized magnitude.

Cast members Desiree Ross and Lamman Rucker were in attendance. Past crew members from previous seasons of the show were also at the celebration. The party was held at Bella, a seafood restaurant in South West Atlanta. Wine and light appetizers were served by the venue. 

The first full episode directed by Roberson is in Season 4, Episode 4 of the show titled "A Common Enemy". She has also directed another episode in this current season. It was inspiring to witness her heartfelt gratitude and the ambition she has for her future as a Director. It was a testament that great things are possible if we're dedicated and in line with divine purpose.

Congratulations to Ms. Roberson! Looking forward to more positive work from her. Greenleaf airs Tuesdays at 10/9 central time on OWN. 

Check out a few of the pictures I got with Crystle and the cast from the event. Connect with us @BOLDJournal on all social media outlets for the latest updates and inspiration. 

Greenleaf Cast member Lamman Rucker (Left) Breath Of Life Daily host April D. Byrd (Right)
photo credit: Photography By Ace LLC.

Director Crystle C. Roberson (Pictured Right) Breath Of Life Daily host April D. Byrd (Pictured Left)

Greenleaf Cast Member Desiree Ross (Pictured Right), Breath Of Life Daily host April D. Byrd (Pictured Left)


Bloom! A Short Film On Being

If you are always trying to “be”, just take a deep breath and realize that you “are”. - April D. Byrd

What happens when you start your day with the noise and notifications of other peoples "news feeds"? All the while simultaneously neglecting to acknowledge your creator or expressing gratitude for the new day?! It might be a lot more rough than intended.

This frustration may be because of the lack of awareness and intention given where it counts the most. The short film "Bloom" explores a day through the lens of two different awakening experiences.

The main character finds herself irritated, irresponsible, and over it in the span of just of few hours. After the problematic picking of a mystical flower from it's source of life and the continuous neglection of her own, she transcends to witness what kind of habits could cultivate a better experience on her journey. She becomes "woke". 

In her new intentional routine of gratitude and self-development, she begins to give more than she takes. As the seeds of peace are planted, she sees that the fruits of enlightment, wisdom, and productivity are yielded.

In her new found awareness her creativity and publishing efforts begin to thrive, and it's just the beginning... 

Watch Bloom, the film entered for Campus Movie Fest (below)

Check out the post Bloom: The Art Of Cultivating Beauty,
the blog post and dialogue featured in the film.


Love and Hate For The Church

Photo Credit: Carey Nieuhof

I believe people, namely popular culture has a tendency to say more negative things about "the church" than positive, that negative energy is often cast through media depictions of  "the church".

However in my case. I feel like without the church, the gathering of believers, where would I be? I'm extremely grateful for how my life has progressed through "church and faith culture". So many of my blessings, or what I consider blessings have come through this agency.

On the same token, we have to realize that nobody owes us anything. we can't expect people to just do for us. The church is nothing more than a reflection of people. We generally have good hearts, but maybe there's a spirit or order, that thinks it's ok to take advantage of people with good hearts. 

Taking advantage of anyone is not ok. Again. nobody owes us anything, we can't put it on other people to come save us. We have to take success for ourselves. The least we can do is hope for the grace of GOD. In the understanding that the sovereign creator provides for what is divinely purposed, we can also continually seeking wisdom in it first.
"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." - Matthew 6:33
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What are your thoughts on the church and the depiction of the church? Leave a comment below or contact us on social media @BOLDJournal.


Koryn Hawthorne Debuts "Enough" Single on Overcomer Soundtrack

The first time I heard the song "Enough" I didn't know it was affiliated with the new Overcomer film by the Kendrick Brothers. I just figured it was another hit by the "Unstoppable","Won't He Do It" phenom.

The fact that "Enough" is apart of the Overcomer Soundtrack makes it even more special. The lyrics of this song encompass what it truly means to be an overcomer. In Koryn Hawthorne's powerful signature sound of boldness and declaration we get verses like:

"I can overcome anything 'Cause Your Spirit is alive in me."  
I am chosen and redeemed Your love has set me free You define my identity".

"Enough" by Koryn Hawthorne will definitely be a classic and mainstay on my playlist. check out the song Enough by Koryn Hawthorne in the video below and leave a comment about your favorite part of the song in the comments section.

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