Getting Back To Gratitude

I have SO much to be Thankful for, sometimes in fits of recognizing what I don't have or going after what I don't need, I get off track and everything falls out of order. I'm so glad that God has me in exactly the place where He wants me to be. I'm thankful that I can never get too deep into a depression without the spirit of God lifting me up! Thank you father for being my covering! 

I know that anytime I feel limited, slighted, or overwhelmed by the very gifts I've been given, I'm really not operating in the spirit. Thank God for always leading me back. For helping me to realize today that Breath Of Life Daily came out of a pure spirit, not from me wanting to be liked or get money, but from me wanting to encourage people. 

BOLD came from me having an overflow of life to give. That life is in God. I'm always chasing better, even if it's not God and this year He put me in a position that I never could have imagined, but it's absolutely everything I need. I'm covered in a place of safety and I get to minister to women at the Christian Women's Center. God's got me, I'm covered, and I'm here. Breath Of Life Daily came from that, That no matter what happens, or what has been, the life in the spirit overpowers the life on the outside. I'm so thankful that I'm not in this by myself, that I've have people who support me and see my potential in God. Thank you to everyone who has been a blessing and who continues to be a blessing!! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

When we get back to the true source of why we do what we do, our passion will take control and produce of it's own accord. Thank God for gratitude, Blessings come from gratitude. 

-April D. Byrd

What are you thankful for today?


Why We Love... Solange's Wedding Fro!

by: April D. Byrd

I don't know Solange personally so I'm not on a big kick of how stylish the wedding was or who was there. However, I think it's phenomenal that she chose to rock her natural hair in an afro. Congratulations to her and Alan Ferguson on their recent wedding that "broke the internet". It's good to have some pure, decent, good news floating around. It was refreshing to see Solange rocking her natural hair and vows made under God are always a good look for pop culture.

Solange was classy at her wedding indeed! We're rejoicing with her and wishing her all the best this time around.  Can we talk about that fabulous fro now?! That baby was a game changer! Solange's wedding is blowing up social media for being stylish and unique, but the fro itself is worth the buzz! when was the last time you saw a sista' or anyone rock a beautiful fro to their wedding?

Congrats to that beautiful fro!  It's not often that we see women rocking their natural fro to their big day. The natural movement has had a lot of glory thanks in part to Solange being an advocate. Her wedding fro was definitely a positive statement. Be yourself, be comfortable in your own skin...and hair.

We've been lauding Solange's transition ever since she started her natural journey and she has always made a statement with it. She's continually given others the confidence to love our natural texture. I consider that going bare for the right reasons. It's rare not to see a lot of make-up, gloss and glam at weddings.  Consider this blog a toast to Solange's vows before God, to her fabulous hair, and embracing natural beauty in a society that exploits photo shop, cosmetic surgery, and fictionalized beauty ideals!! Salud!!

Kudos to Solange for rocking her natural fro... oh yeah... congrats on the wedding too!

Beautiful wedding fro, you're the real MVP!!

Ladies, Gentleman would you rock your natural fro to your big day? How simple would you go? Leave your thoughts/comments below on Solange's wedding day fro? and Join in on the conversation with BOLDJournal on Twitter!!


Motivation: Just Be Confident!

by Ruthann Mckenzie

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.” ― Albert Camus
My life is turning into a series of adventures. Trying to juggle multiple tasks and not lose my mind in the process has proven to me how ambitious I can be. Yet, as much as I keep stretching and coming out of my shell. With each new day and new opportunity I try to attain I'm realizing how much more important confidence is. I get so scared I'm going to mess everything up I fail to just live. At times confidence means just showing up and doing your absolute best. Forget the doubt and fear, forget the self sabotage and just do it!

I have not figured out the success of life, but I am on the road of self discovery with greater confidence.  When I decide to let go and just be confident, then I noticed how much my self defeated speech dwindles.  Note, it does not go away, but it does quiet down.  I have compiled a few lessons I have learned along the way. I will share what makes a confident individual from the lessons I have learned...

In doing much research on the topic of confidence, I have listened to countless sermons, speeches, reading books, articles, blogs, and spoke to others to get their take on what confidence means.  This blog has been a long time coming and for good reason.  I wanted to bring something different to the table with the explanation of why confidence is important.  

One of the meanings from the dictionary in for confidence is "full trust;belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of person or thing:" The word is derived from the word trust.  Do you have trust? Are you trusting the process? Better yet, are you trusting what God says about you? 
Today, I wanted to inspire you with a biblical perspective on confidence.  Confidence is simply trusting and confidence begins with a firm trust in God.  As scripture  points out, we are to be confident solely in Christ, not ourselves.  Without Him, there is no confidence to be gained in this world. When I do coaching sessions, these are the primary points that I teach. These have been topics I have taken much time researching and has helped those I coach and myself. I pray it will encourage you too as you gain greater confidence in Christ.

  • God loves you. This gives you the confidence to do new things. God loves you where you are in your life and that love will makes you want to transform for the better through Him.
  • Confidence refuses to live in fear. Confront fear and be willing to move against fear instead of waiting for the feeling to pass. Hebrew 10:39 states, "But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith..." Do not let fear rule your life and shrink back, have faith and conquer fear.
  • Confident people have positive attitudes. Positivity is a choice. You are not protecting yourself by having a negative attitude. For example, you are not going to prevent the rain by having a poor attitude towards the rain. Instead, you can see the rain and dance in it knowing at the end you will receive a rainbow and the sun. You have the power through Christ to be happy. In Christ your attitude can change.
  • Confidence recovers from setback. Being wrong is not the end of the world, and that does not diminish confidence. No failure is permanent and each new day you can begin again if you have a dream or vision. Do not quit!
  • If you are lacking in confidence, check your level of faith.  Faith is trusting or confidence in the Lord to bring about that which has not happened yet. We have to have confidence in the Lord that He will bring to pass what He says He will do. Faith is a confident expectation of God's promises. Hebrew 11:1 states, "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."(Assurance is another word for confidence).
  • Change your approach with confidence.  Real confidence is faith activated and trusting in the Lord.  As Proverbs 3:5 states, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding."  Keep in the forefront that this is not about you doing it alone, but trust in God.
  • Confidence looks forward. There is hope in this life through Christ and we are more than conquerors through Him. Maximize your strength within and keep moving ahead.
  • A confident person avoids comparison.  There is no need to want what others have as you have your own gifts and talents.  There is freedom in loving who you are and not comparing. Figure out with God what His will is in your life and work towards that. Be who God made you to be humbly and confidently. He made you unique!
  • A confident person takes action. Find the solutions and do not just complain. There is no living in "if only" and "what if".  Make sure what you feel in your heart is God. You do not have to wait for confirmation from anyone other than God for your dreams and visions.

Live today and JUST BE CONFIDENT!

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram:@theconfidentyou 


Exclusive: "He's Worth The Wait" Book Signing Recap


Recently BOLDJournal got a chance to attend a fabulous event. The book signing for "He's Worth The Wait." was insightful, cool, and empowering just to say the least.  The event included music, spoken word artists, and powerful testimonies from singles who embraced sexual abstinence until marriage and continue to operate in God's will for their lives. 

Fanny Quioto, Author of  "He's Worth The Wait" shared some wisdom and a bit of her personal testimonies with attendees, along with her inspiration for writing the book.  "He's Worth The Wait" also has a CD version to be listened to on the go. It's a great resource to provide strength and encouragement for young ladies willing to honor commitment to God in their lives.

In He's Worth The Wait, Fanny Quioto shares her testimony of how she overcame her sex addiction and her decision to remain celibate until she says, "I do." She also shares her very personal and candid confessions and notes concerning her future husband directly from her journal. This book aims to encourage other women to remain abstinent until they are married and to remain strengthened in the process.

"He's Worth The Wait" is available now on Amazon. Overall it was a great event! We're looking forward to more events of the like. Thanks to Fanny and her ministry Hands Of Love outreach for sponsoring the event! In case you missed it we have some great images below. You can also check out a few of the video clips on our Instagram.

Breath Of Life Daily Editor-In-Chief @aprilinspired and  Poet @innertame_me rocking He's Worth The Wait tees

Breath Of Life Daily Editor-In-Chief @aprilinspired and the woman of the hour "He's Worth The Wait" Author Fanny Quioto  (Prov31status)

Attendees rocked their "He's Worth The Wait" tees. 

To acquire a "He's Worth The Wait book", CD, or for more info contact Fanny Quito via e-mail at and Stay tuned to Breath Of Life Daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out how you can win a personalized copy of "He's Worth The Wait".


Note for 2015: Greater is coming!

This is directed to the dreamer...For the visionaries...For those who think they are crazy for holding fast to what they believe...For those who know that abundance is in living life to the fullness...For those not willing to think that life only has to offer paycheck to paycheck or bad breaks. This is for the one content with little or with much, but will never be complacent.

Greater is coming! You have greatness residing on the inside, that is bubbling over. With 2015 under sixty days away, I hope that everyone has committed their plans for the new year.

In a world where it seems more people are complacent with what they have, it is time to hold fast to the greater life that was intended for us to live. At what age did you stop dreaming? When did you begin to realize this was as good as it gets? Well, I challenge you to challenge that notion of thinking today. Who told us that we were created to be ordinary or play it safe? Why do we fear coming out of our comfort places and taking a risk, even if it is once in a while? Fear is a lie! Why do we have to be so conscious of being realistic that we stop dreaming and believing? We stopped believing in greater.  We settled at living the bare minimum and calling that okay.

Now by all means, greater looks different for all people, and that is okay. However, why do we try to group up greatness into a box? We try to put abundant living in a box, but it cannot be contained and it never should. Who told you that greater is not possible, feasible, or attainable? Were they accomplishing greater or living a safe life? Either way, why did their option become your reality?

I think so often we base our reality and desires on what others tell us. Who are "they" to say it is not possible or realistic? Who are "they" to tell you to be "happy" right where you are and never aspire for greater. One day when I meet my Creator I want Him to smile from my life being poured out. I want Him to tell me I used every gift He gave me instead of holding on to it or never discovering it out of fear. I rather choose abundance.

Choose to look on the brighter side. Choose to take this moment you are in that does not feel too good as the stepping stone you need to propel you into greatness. Choose abundant living. Christ wants greater for you. You were not created to just live, but to live abundantly. Remember Galatians 6:9, "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."


Are You Informed Enough To Vote?

What we know shapes how we think, how we perceive and how we vote. It's best to be informed and be enlightened before taking any action, especially political. Taking the initiative to become active and involved is still important even if you don't have all the facts because action, is also how we learn. We were made to be active and make our voices heard for the good of the world.
Creation eagerly awaits the manifestation of the children of God. (Romans 8:19) Being informed also comes from being enlightened.

Put God first. You are what you read, you are what you listen to, you are what you watch! so be careful what you let in. The bible reads don't be deceived, bad company corrupts good character. (1 Corinthians 15:33)

Follow God, chase God, be a God chaser! However you vote politically, or however you act regularly let it be influenced by the holy spirit each and every day!!


Today Will Be Different

by: Coach Ruthann

Today's motivation is from an excerpt from my current book, Today Will Be Different. Day four of the book is dedicated to what motivates you. Hopefully, you will think deeply about why you are motivated to move forward and continue to make a change into 2015.

What motivates you?

In order to move forward from old habits and old thinking, it is imperative to identify what motivates us to change. Change can come from external forces or internal ones. Perhaps you woke up and knew today would be different. That is great! However, it is even better to keep in mind why you are making changes in your life so you will not give up on the task at hand.

Ask yourself who is your motivation to keep moving forward. If you have a person in mind, perhaps a family member, athlete, public figure, even yourself, then identify why that person motivates you.  Within the reason of who motivates you, you will find that something within you seeks greatness. We all have greatness within us, some of us just need to dig a bit harder to pull it out.  

Let me post to you a personal question, what has kept you from the changes you would like to see in your life in the past? Again, this could be internal or external forces. If you started and stopped pursuing your goals and dreams in the past, that is okay. All you really need to get started again is to realize that you are ready now, and that you possess all of the unlimited resources within yourself to make the necessary changes.  When you are fully committed to change there will be no excuse to hold you back once more. You will know what you have to do and why.

Once you become fully committed to changing, then it would be a great time to write down your reasons for change. Do not be negative or critical of yourself.  The point is to keep a clear reason and vision of why this change is necessary.  This task may be easier of an undertaking with a coach to help empower you and shine light on ideas you may not have thought of before.

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram:@theconfidentyou