So you got the vision and now you’re writing it down to make it plain!  The excitement of your new found passion is bubbling up inside you like a volcano ready to erupt. 

You rush to tell your loved ones and friends only to have your “forever dream” shot down, one by one, all your trusted confidants began to speak of all the negative aspects of accomplishing such greatness! 

Hardly any of the people you chose to share with give you any positive feedback or kudos, nothing more than reactions of “consider this…what about that…how do you expect?!
Now your excitement has gone from joy to being unsure, second guessing and contemplating whether or not this is what you actually should be pursuing.  Sound familiar!

So many people have prematurely abandoned many great plans and visions that have been truly given to them through their constant diligence in prayer, mediation and wise counsel but through the negativity of others who haven’t been given the same vision or for whatever reason, find it necessary to discourage others.  This had been the case for me.

Until one day I decided that I would do what Mary, Jesus’ mother did. I held what was purposed in my heart until I saw the manifestation of my vision come to pass, entirely and completely through my trust and faith in God who purposed me for all things pertaining to Life and Godliness. Ref. (Luke 2:19) (2 Peter 1:3).

Sometimes it is wise to keep a matter to yourself until the day of revealing comes.  This way only God, your spouse (if you’re married) and you will be “In the Know,” no distractions, naysaying or discouragement to hinder you.

The process of accomplishing your purpose is pressure enough!  Until next time. 

Blessing to all and always Stay Encouraged!

Contributing Writer:     Shira Garnett
                                    www.nicecolumnbyshira.com Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.


As far back as I can remember, this is what occurred.  

I grow up in a small town in the State of Delaware.  I had many friends at the elementary school that I attended and I always enjoyed going, especially since my favorite teacher "Ms. Phillips," always greeted each student with a warm friendly smile.  She had such a genuine scholastic approach in her teaching technique and each one of my peers, including myself, were always eager to learn.  My best friend Cindy, who had beautiful long red hair, lightly coated freckles that sprinkled about her face and a chirpy laugh that would catch anyone's attention, were inseparable during school hours, to say the least.

Our family, my mother, brother and I lived directly across the street from "Brookside Elementary School," I had some of my fondest memories there.  

Junior and I grow up as typical siblings with civil rivalry often dividing us two along our mother.  She was a beautiful young woman with an hour glass shape, petite in size and a very witty sense of humor.  I would often watch her as she prepared herself for a night out on the town.  Her selection of clothes, the shoes she paired to accent her outfit and the way she applied her make-up.  All thumbs up! I would give my approval of her choices as she prepared to walk out the door.  I was proud to be my mommy's daughter.

Another day after school, it was a Friday and everything was going as usual.  My brother and I were having our normal "tick for tack" quarrel and my mother had chosen to go out once again for the evening with some friends of hers.  Yes, my mother was single parent and she took advantage of the times she was able to spread her wings!

After getting ready for her evening out, my mother beckoned me to pay attention as she recited the list of do's and don'ts and informed me of our babysitter for the evening.  As usual I responded, "Ok" and returned to the quarrel that my brother and I were previously having, hoping I had the heads up in "tick for tack" match.  Not truly realizing that this would be the last time my mother, brother and I would ever be together again under one roof.  Family as we knew it would change forever.....My life began to spiral into the darkest, loneliest nightmare imaginable after that evening!

At the age of seven, I would became orphaned, abused and a frightened little girl overnight, with countless years ahead searching for the answers, WHY?

Contributing Writer:  Shira Garnett
                                   Nice Column By Shira - Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.


I heard favor isn't fair...but what about Grace?!

Ever wonder how God balances out his healing and justice toward mankind.  Yes, we have read in the Bible, as we rightly divide the Word of truth, that God is fair and righteous in all His ways.

For example, someone may have dealt with an addiction at one point in their lives, however, their life takes change for the better and they chose to stop and seek Gods strength, forgiveness and healing to carry them through. Grace and Mercy without a doubt is granted to them.

On the other hand, there were people who were affected by individual’s actions and behavior which caused grief and pain, as a result of their addiction.

Those affected, may be feel relieved and comforted knowing that the person has gotten their act together, however, their left with emotional scars, debt and lack of trust.

Surely there’s refuge and healing for those who have been affected, and, healing is a process. They watch the individual who’s recovering from the addiction, go on with their lives, and meantime, their still putting theirs back together.

If this is the case with anyone out there, my prayer is that the Lord, will keep you, as you search and pray for understanding.  May the Lord shine His face upon you and the root of un-forgiveness and bitterness be lifted from you hearts and minds.

May the Lord keep you in perfect peace, and restore you back everything that was taken, In Jesus Name Amen.  Blessings to all and Always Stay Encouraged!

Contributing Writer:  Shira Garnett
                                   www.nicecolumnbyshira.com  Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.


The Wisdom and Virtue of Integrity.

As we mature in our abilities, talents and professional growth, there’s a standard of quality, control and trust that others expect of us, e.g. our families, co-workers and even our customers, if we are entrepreneurs.

Integrity, “doing the right thing when no one else is around,” is one, if not, the single most important virtue that anyone of us can possess - It is in itself, is,100% indispensable.

I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that Integrity must be the center of our core being if we desire to maintain a healthy way of life and a high standard of trust and effectiveness.

Walking in Integrity will open doors and give you unmerited favor! People can depend and rely on you, some even trusting you with their most valued and prize possessions. 

Integrity Speaks for itself and the level of respect given to those who have acquired such a quality, those people will stand firm in all their ways. 

May the Lord continue to bless each of us with the virtue of integrity.  It’s one of those qualities that allows us to sleep well at night.  Blessings to all and Always Stay Encouraged.

Contributor:  Shira Garnett, Inspirational Writer and Speaker
                     Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.
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Color Your World Beautiful!

Growing up in a small town has its advantages, and on the other hand, not so much.  For me, Chesapeake City, MD was a place right smack down, “in the middle of somewhere,” yet, if you closed your eyes longer than 2 minutes, you’d soon be entering a whole different small town, “in the middle of somewhere!”

I say somewhere, because, as remote as a place can be, it is still, somewhere! 

Chesapeake City, groomed and built on the pride of famous race horses, beautiful stables that housed them, wholesome and traditional values that were passed down from generation to generation and the simplicity of life!

Although this small town possessed such innate purity and goodness, it bore No public transportation, No hospital and No supermarket, or any other industrialize structure or system, for those who resided. 

In fact, many people grow-up without indoor plumbing systems.  Yes, that remote! However, looking back, I still smile, having had the opportunity to be sheltered from all the mayhem and busyness of city living. 

However, allow me to share the flip side of this quaint little place.

Where will I work? How could I possibly make it here?  What will become of my life, if I get stuck here?  These questions plagued my mind, my entire teenage years.  I definitely knew, I didn’t want the struggle or headache of biding and constant resume’, for the job of housemaid or stable keeper, since everyone in the whole town look forward to doing so, knowing, nepotism, was also at the for-front of most of the decisions made.

Needless to say, I decided to color my world beautifully, in spite of all the hindering obstacles that I faced.

Today, I write! Finding beauty in this line of work, I have the opportunity and pleasure of finding inspiration and encouragement in each letter I pen to paper.  Although, not always easy, God has given me the wisdom to express insight from the things that I have experienced and put them in a form of inspiration for others to read. 

What I didn’t realize back then, seems to be very apparent to me now. Whatever God had given me to do, if I did it in the Name of His Grace and Power, all would be well with my soul. 

I do understand more clearly as I have matured and grown up that, it doesn’t always matter where we reside or what the situation is, with a pure heart and an obedience to His purpose for our lives, we can make it.

If there’s anyone who has ever had doubts of whether or not, they can make it from where they are, Stay Encourage and keep believing in your dreams, All things are possible.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Blessing to all and Always Stay Encouraged!

Contributing Blogger: Shira Garnett, Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.


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War Room: Exclusive Interviews with Priscilla Shirer and Karen Abercrombie

Karen Abercrombie (left) and Priscilla Shirer in a scene from "War Room."

It's official "War Room" is the number #1 movie at the box office...as it should be. Since it's opening date War Room has held the top place among other new films released. "War Room" is the newest film by the Kendrick Brothers who have also produced other films such as Courageous, Fire Proof, Facing The Giants, and Fly Wheel.

War Room follows the story of a couple Tony and Elizabeth, who are struggling in their marriage even though they have a life that "looks good" on the outside.  Their struggle is real and their daughter is caught in the mix, until Elizabeth meets a prayer warrior, Miss Clara in divine timing. Once Elizabeth begins to seriously utilize the power of prayer as advised by Miss Clara the whole family's life begins to transform in surprising ways.

It was a pleasure to interview two of the films leading cast members Priscilla Shirer (Elizabeth) and Karen Abercrombie (Miss Clara...the prayer warrior) at the film's screening at MegaFest 15 in Dallas, Texas. When asked about the impact that the film would have, the two ladies had very powerful responses. see video interview below:

This movie has definitely made an impact, since it's opening not only are Christians talking about it, but almost every major news outlet is. It has set a great standard for faith-based films. War Room is now playing in theaters across the country. You can visit the films official website warroomthemovie.com for theater listings and show times.

Have you seen the movie War Room Yet? What were your thoughts on the film? Did it make an Impact in YOUR life?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below or let us know on social media @BOLDImpactntwrk.