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The Clark Sister's Biopic Set For Easter Debut On Lifetime

The anticipated Clark Sister's biopic has officially set a premiere date. The film will debut on Lifetime Network Saturday, April 11th at 8 pm ET. This will be on "Easter Saturday" as some would call it.

The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel, is the official musical tale of the incomparable gospel singers, The Clark Sisters.  The film recounts the story of the highest selling female gospel group in history and of their trailblazing mother, Mattie Moss Clark played by Aunjanue Ellis.

The icons are credited with bringing Gospel music to the mainstream. Grammy Award winners Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott serves as Executive Producers on this project.

The five Clark sisters (Christina Bell as “Twinkie,” Kierra Sheard as “Karen,” ShelĂ©a Frazier as “Dorinda,” Raven Goodwin as “Denise,” Angela Birchett as “Jacky”) overcame humble beginnings in Detroit, enduring abuse, loss, rejection, betrayal, and sibling rivalries to achieve international fame as icons of the Gospel music industry. 

The official hashtag is #TheClarkSisters @LifetimeTV.

 Watch the official trailer for


I'm Always On 100

I was so inspired working out at R & B Workout LIVE this past Friday. There we're a lot of good vibes in the room.  Special thanks to Alton Walker the founder and host of the event for allowing me to be a backup dancer.

Even after doing so much on stage with backup dancing after the event I still had a lot of energy. It was funny to me when somebody asked if I had an "off switch" and some other folks commented "Shouldn't you be tired after all that?" The answer was No, in fact I had a whole lot of energy to either do another show, or go somewhere else and dance.

Although I ended up just going back to the house, the voices of those people who were asking the questions stuck with me, and inspired me to have the thought and create the shirt that "I'm always on 100". I realized that more often than not I do have A LOT of energy!

I currently see this energy as a blessing from GOD. It seems as though I get high on life. It's natural energy. Being that I aim to use the energy positively, I say let the good vibes commence! Hopefully they're will be more of it.

The experience yesterday inspired this shirt that's now available in BOLD Expressions Co. shop. pictured below:

If the energy is good, Keep it up. Even if you may not have the most energy in any given moment may this shirt be an inspiration to stay on top. no matter what things are looking like. If this energy resonates with you head on over to BOLD Expressions Co. and grab the shirt!

Stay blessed and Keep it 100!

All the best,

April B.


Investing In The Treasury Of Heaven

"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:20-21
I was doing some thinking this morning about what the treasures that should be stored up in heaven are. What I got from the spirit when I asked was: confidence.  From this I believe what it means to "store up for yourselves treasures in heaven" is to have confidence. As scripture notates; it's to not have confidence in worldly possessions, but to put our confidence in the will of GOD. The will of the spirit consists of the things that are virtuous, the things that hold virtue.

Kim Thomas, host of The Dope Black Chick Podcast says that to "trust" is to really to "have confidence" in a person, thing, etc. So to place confidence in the things of GOD, to invest in GOD's business means to invest in a value that is unfailing.

It has been my experience that GOD's work is of immense worth. It's worthy to put full our investment in the things of GOD i.e. "store up for yourself treasures in heaven".

It's trust in, it's belief in, it's confidence in the power of GOD to supply our needs. It's trust in our ability to manifest what we need because divine power is vested in us. 
"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:19
Christians consider heaven to be a reward, it's considered that in heaven there is a position to be had, but we have the ability to walk in our "heavenly position" now.

The same chapter Matthew 6 includes Jesus's teaching for us to pray: 
"your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." - Matthew 6:10
So, understanding that the ability for us to be in sync with heaven is implied. I noticed that Wikipedia describes heaven as "a common religious, cosmological, or transcendent place where beings such as gods, angels, spirits, saints, or venerated ancestors are said to originate, be enthroned, or live."

The words to "be enthroned" stood out to me because legacy also comes to mind when I think of heaven. If we're to go to heaven, what legacy have we put in place for ourselves or will we leave behind in the earth?

When I was told that my maternal grandmother passed away there was no doubt in my mind that she was in heaven, because of all the things that I personally witnessed with her life and seeing her faith walk. 

In essence, heaven is a realm that we humans have access to. Heaven is a place that is tangible. Heaven is in our hearts as believers. Build that relationship with GOD through Jesus, and maintain it with all you got! The true treasure is to have confidence in GOD's love. As you go forward I pray that you have confidence that GOD is good and GOD's love endures forever, it's the best "trust" to have.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love GOD, to them who are called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28

All the best,

April D. Byrd @BOLDJournal


Embracing Full Circle Moments Of Self-Worth - Welcome To 2020!

In 2019, I had a dream that I was in a white dress in front of a beautiful fountain. Shortly after, I ended up in Vegas at The Venetian (where there is a beautiful fountain). 
Even though I had initially brought something else to wear for that night, I saw the very dress in Vegas earlier the same day and I knew it was IT. The same dress I saw in the dream.
I was wondering why it was a specifically a "white" dress, and in the experience I felt divine affirmation to get use to "being fancy" and getting treated with respect. During that time not only was it confirmation for me to release any darkness and insecurity that was inside me, but also that in "sin city" of all places, I could still represent purity, and walk in it.

In the very moment before I closed my eyes into the new year's morning, I realized why the representation of excellence and the posture of esteem matters so much more than I ever gave it credit for. When we exercise our own excellence, self-love, and personal power we're giving life to others and don't even know it
The power is not so much about what happens externally on the outside, but that it starts internally in the inside of us. I'm so grateful for this full circle moment of revelation and I praise GOD for bringing me fully out of the darkness last year! I embrace this new beginning wholeheartedly. There is a fountain that we can all benefit from, it's called: divine love! 
Welcome to 2020! It's a new year! It's a new decade!

I pray we all embrace the full circle moments and divine revelations going forward.



Breath Of Life Daily

Unlocking Divine Identity, Purpose, And Destiny

This podcast episode has been a long time coming, even since the beginning of last year, but that makes it all the more special. I see now that some pieces had to come together. I had a full circle moment that made since in the end. My perspective has sincerely been refreshed. I think the full circle moments of life are GOD's way of unlocking divine secrets and lessons, that take us to the next level of understanding that we'll need for the new season that we're in and going to. I hope you'll enjoy this podcast and be inspired with some revelations of your own.

There is also a chance to win a copy of the book featured in the podcast. Follow the prompts featured in the graphic below, the winner will be announced Sunday, January 5th.


Jada Pinkett-Smith Addresses Holiday Triggers [Video]

Jada Pinkett-Smith, Actress and Host of the discussion series Red Table Talk recently posted a video on her social media pages to address triggers. Smith shared the importance of acknowledging them in order to overcome them.

After providing a few examples of potential triggers and what they look like, she ended with a holiday wish of happiness, as great as that is, the statement about Peace was the main hitter in the powerful message that holds true year round.

Our Peace is the main priority! If you're experiencing any type of triggers during this holiday season remember it is possible to overcome them. Watch the FULL video below:

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