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Motivation Music: Lecrae and 1K Phew "MOVE" [Video]


Ayye! It's a bop!

You can do a jig or whatever you want to do, but the single "Move" by Lecrae and 1K Phew will definitely have you "moving it".

The single is from their latest collaborative album No Church In A While.

Besides the production on the song with beats that will get you moving, both Lecrae and 1K Phew spit a few catchy bars on the track. 

"Say a prayer on the floor like it's War Room," 1K Phew spat referring to the popular 2015 Film.

In addition to sly verses like "I got the light on me can't lose it" and "light of the world 'til The King is back." The duo came in hot with the rhetoric.

Both rappers shared an unashamed flow for the song that works brilliantly. Check out the official video below to get you moving.

watch the official video below:

"Move," is said to be a fan favorite from the album. The video directed by Jerrell Green & Caleb Seales was filmed in Atlanta, GA.

It finds 1K Phew and Lecrae recreating the drill sergeant scene inspired by the 1995 film, Major Payne, starring Damon Wayans and Karyn Parsons. 1K Phew whipping the Unashamed Army into shape and Lecrae puts them through the drills! Watch the "MOVE" video below. No Church In A While is available for streaming now! To stream now, click here."


The Riches Is In The Glory

 "But my God shall supply all your needs according to

His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." 

- Philippians 4:19

It's so easy to understand in Philippians 4:19 and hopefully experientially from our life experiences that GOD is the supplier of all of our needs. Different scriptures agree that we have access to the wealth of the Kingdom through Christ Jesus. 
While this is a blessing, I have a profound thought that I'd like to submit: "The Access IS the wealth".

We want wealth, we want riches, we want glory, but Access to Jesus is all that. It's all the things we could ever want and more. 

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. - Matthew 6:33
The reason why all these things (i.e. whatever you need) will be added unto you when you seek the Kingdom first is because they are in the Kingdom. 
So the fact that we have access, that all of this glory is accessible to us, makes me convinced that the very access itself IS the wealth.

The riches is IN the glory. We can look left and right, all around, search high and low trying to get something or achieve something but until we understand that everything that we need is in Christ. (The anointed one and His anointing) then we will forever be searching amiss and living in vain. 

 The Clark Sisters asked famously "Is my living in vain" and answered: "No of course not, it's not all in vain, cause up the road is eternal gain."

Our eternal gain is now. We live in it, we walk in it and walk toward it, because we understand we have access to it. It's eternal. It's never ending. 
We serve an unlimited GOD. This is the confidence that we have.
We have confidence "in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, he hears us:

And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we desired of Him." - 1 John 5:14-15 
 If you're a believer and you have this confidence, I rejoice with you and pray that we keep it. If you're not yet, I pray that you know there's no greater confidence to have! 
The access IS the wealth. May we continue to walk in access as we live this life and let nothing stop us.


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Black Nativity Musical Brings Joy To Atlanta

credit: Black Nativity Atlanta

Black Nativity is a phenomenal gospel musical based on the song play by Playwright and Poet Langston Hughes. The show is currently showing LIVE in Atlanta at Georgia Tech's First Center for The Arts.

Running until December 19th, the show is a must see.

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BOLD Testimony: Lady Felicia "DaFaithPusher" Dotson



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Certified Christian Counselor Lady Felicia "Da Faith Pusher" Dotson shares her amazing testimony of how GOD used an app to expand her ministry, and help spread the gospel of faith. During her LIVE Testimony Interview she additionally shared a candid story of how she learned to walk in faith and other gems. 

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Make A Joyful Noise


The exclamation "make a Joyful Noise" can seem simple, almost trivial if we don't really pay attention to it.

Actually to "make a joyful noise to The Lord" has a science to it. There's a chemistry wrapped up in the command . It's composed of certain ingredients. It really has more components than we give it credit for.

How To Make A Joyful Noise To The Lord.

1. You have to (BE) Joyful.

So many people are going through whatever they're going through in life, may have a broken heart, may have lost a loved one, any number of things. Bitterness, rejection, you name it. So to actually BE joyful as crazy as it is to say takes work on some peoples behalves. We're not happy all the time. for whatever reason, for whatever thing has our attention besides GOD.

2. You have to come before the Lord.


Psalm 51:7 says a broken and contrite heart God, will not despise. . . so the number one thing to do before you come before The Lord is to repent. Ask GOD for forgiveness for any sins you know about and the ones you don't know about. To think you have no sin may be cause right there to check yourself and repent.

The Bible says in Romans 3:22-24 ALL have sinned and fallen short of The Glory of GOD.

"And this righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no distinction, 23for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God24and are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus."

Intentionally get up set you an actual physical space preferably a quiet one so you can concentrate, or set a time or hour where it's gonna be quiet however you have to.  a lot of people make time early in the morning. but it is about making and setting that time. 


As the time is made, once you set it in place and honor it. it's time to Venerate. To venerate is to present worship, so we're presenting worship to GOD.

How real worship is presented is in Spirit and in truth. So not just reciting the regular things we know to say or have become used to saying. (Like I was doing) but to truly have a full heart of praise and gratitude toward The Lord. 

John 4:24 in the bible says: God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

Praise is the vestibule.  Praise is the entrance hall, the channel, the gateway that leads us to another destination and that destination is His presence. Enter His courts with praise. Enter his gates with thanksgiving!


Keep Letitia Wright In Your Prayers

Pray For Letitia Wright | original background image: Hollywood Reporter

Letitia Wright is an Actress that stands firmly in her conviction of faith and she is open about having given her life to The Lord. She made a major breakthrough after the fact when she landed a key role in the blockbuster film Black Panther.

As reports are circulating of an injury on set and many mainstream news outlets are posting contrary to the truth. Now is the time for believers to stand together with each other, and Letitia in this moment. 

May she be encouraged that the same GOD who brought her to one breakthrough can bring her to many more.

Praise GOD for her resilience and the resilience of the saints. We are keeping Letitia in prayer.

Check out her interview below talking about the pressure of being an Actress in the film industry and giving her life to Christ: