Be Yourself!

Each of us have our own shoes to walk in. Whatever our occupation, talent, gifting or calling is, may we Always Stay Encouraged and walk in faith.

Remember to keep your own cheers of advancement, courage and personal growth, especially when it seems that you're the only cheerleader routing in your favor. You have purpose and you have been created to be you and only you.

Blessing to all, in each one's life and future endeavors and have a great remainder of your day!

Contributing Writer: Shira Garnett


I AM Never Changes

You say have faith
so I wait patiently for the change.

You say, You do all things well in Your time
So I still, sit still.

You say, You put no more on me than I can bare
so I preserver in my time of adversity.

You say, in due season
at its appointed time, I shall prevail
so I look at the calendar of my life
is it truly the Son or is it my own desire to rein.

Which or what I cry out,
Is not this change, of twin effect
has my alliance turned from You, too I
never shall I cry, I…I…I!

So again, bringing into remembrance
You say, I AM that I AM

Your permissive will
Enough for me to say
that explains the completion
of everything I don’t always understand

So I wait patiently, sit still, preserver
For Your Absolute Change!

I AM, the same Yesterday, Today and Forever more.

© Shira Garnett, Contributing Writer, www.nicecolumnbyshira.com


Immaculate Conception

If I was born saved from birth

I wouldn't have been born shaped in iniquity

If I was born saved from birth
I would always have pride and dignity
head held high
looking down on everyone else
while they could only look up and stare at me.

If I was born saved from birth

there would be no need for salvation
I would be as the Almighty in His Deity
as His complete and total nature
everyone else would be just a flicker of my so called eternity.

If I was born saved from birth

No troubles, no problems would suffer me
a life of total serenity.

If I was born saved from birth
What place would Jesus Christ serve through me

If I was born saved from birth
God's Grace and Mercy
tell me how, tell me how
would it resonant through me.

Thank you Jesus, the Only One born and saved from birth
The Only one able to saved me from me.

Contributing Writer: Shira Garnett


Communion with Me.

Commune with Me

Let not thy weight be delusion
Let not thy rise be puffed up
thy drank never distilled
Only be fermented by My Vine.

I Am, the New Covenant
passing over thy soul
restraining the death angel.

Everlasting Life possesses My Communion
Eat Drink
The Body and Blood of Thy Lord,

I AM the Christ.

Contributing Writer, Shira Garnett


Humbled Through Grace

Whenever someone said the words "humble yourself" or "You should be humble", I would immediately equate those words with a since of powerlessness and not being able to have control over something or someone." Admittedly, the word "Humble" wasn't always a part of my personality traits.

In fact, before I started walking closely with God, I said and did whatever I believed was the right thing, depending on the circumstances at hand.  For me, being humble meant, a sign of weakness and a state of vulnerability. 

However, as I began to put on the mind of Christ, my attitude changed and I knew that my stubbornness, pride and self-righteous acts of indifference, had to go!

Yes, admittedly, I did at first believe that I could follow Jesus Christ and still hold on to my old ways, thoughts, and beliefs.  

"I KNEW WHAT WAS BEST," so I thought.

With my lack of compassion for those who needed Grace to sincerely experience God's Truth, in His Word, I would welcome the opportunity to beat people up with the scriptures of the Bible, thinking I was defending God! 

I had almost forgotten, "I HADN'T ALWAYS BEEN SAVED"!

My behavior brought about many tears, rejection and unwanted setbacks to my life, I knew I had to change!  I could no longer walk around "More spiritual than God", Holier than Thou and having a Sense of Entitlement.

People that were genuine in their faith, through Grace, knew exactly what I was about and how I was conducting myself...
The Spirit of The Lord guided and led me through the scriptures concerning compassion, grace and humility.  My mind was being transformed and renewed by the Word of God, erasing the human knowledge, with Godly wisdom. 

I could take off the mask and be myself and allow God to use me for His Glory.  My personal agenda had been cancelled.

Being Humble has such wonderful benefits, benefits that will bring about change in your life and the lives of those whom God puts in your path. Because of the transformation that humility has brought me, I am now able to reach others through God's Grace.  No longer am I puffed up in earthly sensual knowledge and because of this I am truly grateful.

The virtue of being humble is Highly Recommended. 

Blessings to all and Always Stay Encouraged!

Contributing Writer:  Shira Garnett


Preferring Others Above Yourself.

Where would I be if all I cared about was me
clearly I’d be in a world all by myself, just loving me

overcome by the worship of I
me, me, me

perhaps I shouldn’t think so highly of myself.

I almost forgot
people need people to exist
preferring others above thyself.

For this is the creation of man
be fruitful, esteem, carry each other’s burden

Please God!

Contributing Writer: Shira Garnett, 


Giving honor where honor is due!

The Celebration of Veteran’s Day is being honor all over the U.S. today. 

Those who answered the call, stood in the gap for our county and sacrifice their lives for U.S Citizen’s freedom, what we stand for, what we believe, in total alliance for the cause.

These are the people that we a honoring today.  These are the people who fought for our county!

Likened unto King David, who even before he fought many battles in the Name of the Most High God, answered the call to bring down Goliath, the Philistine Giant.

Standing in the gap for the people of God, David shouted out a loud cry, “Who is the uncircumcised Philistine that should defy the armies of the Living God?”

Coming against Goliath in the name of the Lord Almighty, David defeated Goliath, removing the reproach from the Nation! He enforced the mandate, God is among His people! (1Samuel 17)

He considered not his own life, but was willing to sacrifice his for the Citizens of God.  David understood the freedom, faith and alliance that the children of Israel possessed!

As we give honor and attention to those who have served our country today, let us also keep in remembrance of those who fought way back when, our freedom as children of the Most High God was on the line!

Blessings to all and
Always Stay Encouraged!

Photo: Tony Shoulders, Served in U.S. Navy

Contributing Writer, Shira Garnett