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Be Still Before GOD

If you're still before GOD you're going to receive insight. The Spirit will let you know what it has in mind. It will let you know what's going on.  You're going to pick up what the spirit is putting down. Stillness is not about being idle, stillness is about tuning in. 

I went in my YouVersion and saw a scripture about oneness in Ephesians 4.

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There is not a lot a lot of stillness going on right now in the world. there are riots, there is injustice, outrage, unrest etc. This is not a peaceful time right now for anybody, but we can find peace in The Spirit. When we intentionally seek The Spirit's will to execute it, our anxiety is overtaken.

Remember that Jesus walked on water through a storm, I believe that illustration was to denote that we can have peace in us. We can have peace in us regardless of what is going on around us.

Scripture includes a passage that read's "Be Still and know that I am GOD." in Psalm 46:10

Thank GOD for stillness!

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