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Embrace GOD's Amazing Grace

Celebrate your wins! Intentionally celebrate those moments that you have manifested your goals through faith and The Spirit's grace.

Be gentle with yourself. You cannot upgrade your full mindset overnight. Some self-limiting habits you've developed over a very long period of time, may take time to be conquered. Proceed with prayer and immense intention about overcoming, but be kind to yourself.

If you're going through  hell or the "the fire" keep going! Sometimes life looks like "going through it" but those times can help you grow and and bring out the gold in you, if you allow them to.

Know that you're not alone in the fire. Just like The Spirit was with those three hebrew boys in the bible, so It is with you. Call on The Lord almighty in your hard times, it makes a world and a spirit realm of difference.

Stay faithful and embrace GOD's Amazing grace!

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