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I'm Always On 100

I was so inspired working out at R & B Workout LIVE this past Friday. There we're a lot of good vibes in the room.  Special thanks to Alton Walker the founder and host of the event for allowing me to be a backup dancer.

Even after doing so much on stage with backup dancing after the event I still had a lot of energy. It was funny to me when somebody asked if I had an "off switch" and some other folks commented "Shouldn't you be tired after all that?" The answer was No, in fact I had a whole lot of energy to either do another show, or go somewhere else and dance.

Although I ended up just going back to the house, the voices of those people who were asking the questions stuck with me, and inspired me to have the thought and create the shirt that "I'm always on 100". I realized that more often than not I do have A LOT of energy!

I currently see this energy as a blessing from GOD. It seems as though I get high on life. It's natural energy. Being that I aim to use the energy positively, I say let the good vibes commence! Hopefully they're will be more of it.

The experience yesterday inspired this shirt that's now available in BOLD Expressions Co. shop. pictured below:

If the energy is good, Keep it up. Even if you may not have the most energy in any given moment may this shirt be an inspiration to stay on top. no matter what things are looking like. If this energy resonates with you head on over to BOLD Expressions Co. and grab the shirt!

Stay blessed and Keep it 100!

All the best,

April B.

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