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Effort Makes The Difference

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Do you really want what's good, if you're not willing to put in consistent effort for it?

For the past few days I've been very lost in my thoughts, thinking about how life works. I do this often, but no matter what amount of thinking I do or what conclusions I arrive at the end of the matter is always: God is in control, and it's wise to seek counsel from the Holy spirit daily.

I know for a fact as a witness, that deep thinking will have you stuck, not really moving or doing anything most would call productive.

A couple weeks back I found myself in a cabin, (excluded from usual society, out of my box) with a command from God to pray more consistently. For the specific amount of times instructed I definitely fell short. Getting distracted, bogged down by other things going on is usually my norm.

All the busy-ness has definitely done nothing in my favor.

I was amazed when a formal Prayer Challenge was hosted by a group I'm apart of. Confidence Coach Taria Pritchett is definitely on point with the Prayer prompts.

The impact that prayer has on the power of manifestation is too underrepresented.
In Divine timing I was able to formalize what I most sense God is trying to work out in me. I've been dreaming and working for a long time with honestly no results that I'm proud of.

To seek God and put divine will first is truly where the "idea of faith" and the "action of faith" has power. Faith is a marriage of sorts, without these two elements there is really no being productive for God. Just like how any true relationship works, consistent effort needs to be made.

The true blockages to our effort are the things that we prioritize getting done before divine will. The power in the challenge was actually making time exclusively for the action of prayer.

During the 96 hour prayer window that was set forth it was revealed to me to just make the effort and God will come through with the rest in divine order. A lot of times it's fear that really holds us back from simply doing.

What was confirmed repeatedly to me is that the more time spent getting comfortable with self  (with the ok-ness of being still and alone) not being distracted with everything else, the more divine alignment occurs.

My focus for the rest of the year and the coming year is to manifest with divine purpose and intention, for strategic and purposed results, not for vanity.

Fear of losing is what needs to be let go of. Being comfortable with sacrifice, not compromise but sacrifice. Getting in line with what God requires is being skilled, being wise, and as my Pastor Jennifer would say. It's "hitting the mark".

Let's live our BEST lives! Happy Holidays if you celebrate them!

- April

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