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Humbled Through Grace

Whenever someone said the words "humble yourself" or "You should be humble", I would immediately equate those words with a since of powerlessness and not being able to have control over something or someone." Admittedly, the word "Humble" wasn't always a part of my personality traits.

In fact, before I started walking closely with God, I said and did whatever I believed was the right thing, depending on the circumstances at hand.  For me, being humble meant, a sign of weakness and a state of vulnerability. 

However, as I began to put on the mind of Christ, my attitude changed and I knew that my stubbornness, pride and self-righteous acts of indifference, had to go!

Yes, admittedly, I did at first believe that I could follow Jesus Christ and still hold on to my old ways, thoughts, and beliefs.  

"I KNEW WHAT WAS BEST," so I thought.

With my lack of compassion for those who needed Grace to sincerely experience God's Truth, in His Word, I would welcome the opportunity to beat people up with the scriptures of the Bible, thinking I was defending God! 

I had almost forgotten, "I HADN'T ALWAYS BEEN SAVED"!

My behavior brought about many tears, rejection and unwanted setbacks to my life, I knew I had to change!  I could no longer walk around "More spiritual than God", Holier than Thou and having a Sense of Entitlement.

People that were genuine in their faith, through Grace, knew exactly what I was about and how I was conducting myself...
The Spirit of The Lord guided and led me through the scriptures concerning compassion, grace and humility.  My mind was being transformed and renewed by the Word of God, erasing the human knowledge, with Godly wisdom. 

I could take off the mask and be myself and allow God to use me for His Glory.  My personal agenda had been cancelled.

Being Humble has such wonderful benefits, benefits that will bring about change in your life and the lives of those whom God puts in your path. Because of the transformation that humility has brought me, I am now able to reach others through God's Grace.  No longer am I puffed up in earthly sensual knowledge and because of this I am truly grateful.

The virtue of being humble is Highly Recommended. 

Blessings to all and Always Stay Encouraged!

Contributing Writer:  Shira Garnett

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