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Today Will Be Different: 30 Daily Devotions To Transform Your Life and Improve Your Confidence

Today will be different...we need to declare over our life that things will change for the best. It may not look like things are changing, but that does not mean that your life is moving forward. You have to have determination and perseverance to keep moving forward even when things seem the same.

The word "will" has various definition. In order to fully understand what I am saying it is important to fully understand what the word "will" in this context means. By definition "will" means "a deliberate or fixed desire or intention" or "the thing that one desires or ordains".  You have to be intentional with your success. You have to be intentional and deliberate with working towards your goals and vision in your life. 

Birthing my forth coming book, Today Will Be Different, has been one of the most challenging tasks I have been called to do. When I set out to write it was for self healing purposes. Little did I know that my life was changing and it was through the determination, discipline, and perseverance of writing (among other tools). I was deliberate and intentional about my desire to change my life. Most of all, I ordained (or spoke life to) the desire of the changes I wished to see in my life. However, as a result of my relentless will to see a difference, one that I have never known, I can now say that there has been major changes in my of them being the release of my book in May of this year!

You can change! Things can be different in your life. First you have to be intentional about the change you want to see. You have to have a desire and determination. Lastly, you have to have discipline and perseverance to make what you will a reality. Today will be different in your life and you can make the changes. 

If you would like to find out more about my new book, click here for an advance 7 day overview.

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