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3 Ways To Move Forward In The New Year Successfully

by: Ruthann Mckenzie

Are you ready to move forward?

Moving forward to the new year should be something greeted with great expectation. Whether the year was a wonderful one or there were bumps in the road, there is a new start with the new year.  You can begin the steps to making a change prior to the new year. Yet, it is good to pause and reflect on what to make better for the next year.

How can you make the best of the upcoming year? The following three things should be taken into consideration with 2015 right around the corner:

  • Recognize the value of time. Time is so important and we need to leave behind wasting precious moments on irrelevant things. Enjoy living in the moment and see the value in each day. Make the most out of each year, month, week, and day.

  • Do not remain bondage to the past. Whatever painful situation that has happened this year or years ago can be let go of. Our memory can be used to focus on where the Lord has brought us from versus remembering all the hurt. Pain is inevitable in this lifetime, but misery is optional. You do not have to remain bondage to the past. Resolve to let that go as 2014 comes to a close.
make a new start, with a new year...

  • Create clear priorities for your life. It does not take any set time of the year to realize what is important to you. However, when a new year approaches it is time to take inventory of your priorities and establish what is important and why. Practice utilizing your time wisely from the start of your day, establishing what takes priority.
These skills can be useful moving into the new year. Continue creating awesome vision boards and defining clear goals for how you are moving forward with your life. If you are ready to start fresh and not sure where to start, then check out Just Be Confident and how coaching and mentorship may be able to work for you. Make 2015 your year by moving forward!

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram:@theconfidentyou 

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