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Motivation: Work That!

"Feeling great because the lights on me, celebrating the things that everyone told me, would never happen, but God has put His hands on me. and ain't a man alive could ever take it from me. Workin with what I got, I gotta keep on, taking care of myself, I wanna live long. Ain't never ashamed what life did to me. Wasn't afraid to change 'cause it was good for me. I just wanna be myself."  -Work That, Mary J. Blige

Don't look down on what you have, use it to your absolute best ability. Werk it! Don't Let anyone get you down because haters are gonna hate anyway, it doesn't have anything to do with you! Be Authentic, nobody can do what you do exactly how you do it. You have a special light, so don't dim it. Take care of yourself and keep moving forward, no matter what ANYBODY has to say. Work with what you got!

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