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Winning Against All Odds

I took myself out to dinner Last nite, and posting pics of food in remembrance like I usually do. I started to feel like it was pointless... Eventually I started to think deeper. "Why enjoy the beauty of life and empowerment so much, if one day you’re eventually just gonna lose it?"  Life is a gift. Sometimes the energy it takes to appreciate it is rough, but winning is simply not giving up! No matter what you go through. Great activists like Martin Luther King Jr, and Jesus of Nazareth gave their lives in devotion to their mission. They had the audacity to stand up and be vocal about their truths and the need for change while they were  in environments that weren't conducive to it.

In today's society it's almost like America has went backward concerning good morals and values.You might be a loser, if you're not having sex before marriage. It's inhumane to question sexual preference, because its considered a civil issue. Foolishness and mockery is ok, in the name of entertainment, and being selfish, inconsiderate and unruly is like the new cool.

So who now takes the stand to be Christ-like and walk in love? Who will still stand courageously for justice and peace no matter the odds against them? Who strives to maintain good character in Every environment? Empowered people and those who enjoy the beauty of life, that's who! People who aren't fulfilled by material things or recreational drinking/substances, but are empowered by faith and their God given purpose.

So even though Christ and Dr. King gave their lives, their legacy lives on. They are among the most honored and celebrated names in the world. Basically, they made their lives count. 

Along with life being a gift in itself. God gifts us talents and expects them to go into use. If we have the ability, not living for our passion and honoring our talents will only make life for us irrelevant, then eventually more depressing. As the Author Marianne Williamson said: Who are you not to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? A person who is simply wasting their time and gift, that's who!

Life is a gift! It appreciates in value with wisdom and faith. Always keep moving forward!

-April D. Byrd is a Writer, Creator and Founder of Breath Of Life Daily. The magazine can be found on Instagram and Twitter @BOLDJournal.

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