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Life, Love, Faith, and Music with Leandria Johnson

Leandria shared real talk.
When Leandria Johnson is singing gospel it's coming from her soul. Her voice is clear, commanding and authoritative. When I first heard the song "Sooner or Later" I knew there was real talent with a powerful conviction of faith behind it. Then I heard "God Will Take Care Of You" and officially became a new fan. In a recent interview Leandria shared her thoughts and lessons on everything from Marriage, Family, Faith, Music, to Ministry and  Life. Hosted by Author Rhachelle Nicol, the session was empowering and full of straight talk from the Grammy Award winning singer. 

The Preacher's kid and Sunday Best Winner, grew up in the church, and the conversation of life definitely taught her some lessons along the way. Which is why I wanted to know one important question, When exactly did she find faith all for herself. The interview was candid and surprisingly refreshing.

BOLD Journal (#BOLDJournal) We start off with our parents making us go to church, and I know you're a Pastor's Daughter, so you were always in church, and we all have our own journey, but at what point did you find faith and God for yourself?

Leandria Johnson (@LeandriaJ):  Not too long ago, definitely after Sunday Best, is when I had to go to God for myself, because going through the ridicule nobody is in the fire but you, So I had to go to God for myself and when I went to him for myself, He began to talk to me and tell me certain things to do, I was obedient and then God came in and He made a way. So which drew me more to Him and away from what man had to say, or mans thoughts. So instead of going to my Pastor or Bishop all the time, or First Lady, or Mother of the church I went to my God! ...and He has said the right things at the right time, and then on top of that delivered me and delivered me from the snares of the enemy, so that's what pushed me to create a relationship with God, talking to him for myself.  

Leandria took a route we all sometimes find ourselves taking, which usually proves to be the best route, reaching out in prayer and calling God for ourselves. I personally can be a witness to that power that comes from reaching out for yourself, when it seems like no one else is around.

Special Thanks to Leandria Johnson for taking time to share her lessons, and Rhachelle Nicol for being a wonderful host. We all definitely at some point have to find faith for ourselves and study to show our own selves approved. The full interview and press conference can be found on sound-cloud soon.

More updates from Leandria can be found on her twitter @LeandriaJ and

Keep up with Rhachelle Nicol on Twitter and Instagram @RhachelleNicol 

-April D. Byrd


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