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Love Is God

love is God

Homosexuals today are fighting, pushing for marriage benefits because it’s such a powerful institution. but men and women with the consciousness of God are taking it for granted, not thinking twice about it’s sanction, before “getting it on" however and with whomever they choose for seemingly convenient gratification. Lives are fading away and in the balance because society chooses to adhere to pollution and disregard purity. Understand that purity is the only place we find our sanity. 

The exploitation of sex, cars, and money that continually flashes before you is the pollution. Of course any one would look for pure love anywhere they can find it, when what is supposed to be glorious, becomes blasphemous and misrepresented. There is a way that is right and a truth that is Life. Don’t Judge another, but please DO NOT BE DECEIVED! The word of God is the source of wisdom, power, life, and love. look past the affairs of the world and allow your heart to commit, truly.

-April Byrd

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