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God's Charity: The Blessing of Giving

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      God loves a cheerful giver...  familiar words from 2 Corinthians often recited at church services when it is time for offering. We reach into our wallets and pull cash, change, checks, and sometimes credit cards to give our offering to God because He has been so good to us and we want more blessings. After absorbing the message on Sunday morning we often return to our daily routines that may or may not glorify God. We pass by the homeless man without giving money, because he may use the money for drugs. We ignore a new struggling mother with a screaming child, because she is a public annoyance. We give overabundant amounts of clothing, supplies, and food to a shelter abroad, but will not help a friend who is struggling financially. By giving you create and/or strengthen a spiritual connection with someone that could very well save their lives, called hope. When God blesses us he reminds us that he is the light out of the darkness and it is up to us to spread His light. The action of giving is an act of spiritual completion that allows our blessings to rain upon us... and not just through our wallet. However it is hard to have a heart of light in a world of darkness.
Speaking from personal experience there have been several times when a homeless person has cheated my kindness for their gain. Similarly there have been trustworthy people that have used my charitable heart against me.  Their actions have been similar to those of a  predator who preys on guilt and compassion to get any and everything they needed. There are tears shed and smiles gleamed that promise the best intentions with whatever is given. Sometimes their intentions are blatant lies or your kind actions are used until they are no longer needed. This is when the spirit of giving  seems like more of a curse and becomes absurd to believe that God will bless you for your actions.  Then questions like these arise in your spirit and you challenge God on why it is important to give: 

 Why bother having a charitable 
heart to strangers and those closer to me? 

Why have an open heart if it continues to hurt? 

Why allow others to relish in my heartbreak from their exploitation of my kindness?   

      After reciting these questions over and over again while mulling over your decision to be kind,  it seems like being selfish is the best option to protect your heart. The truth is as long as the spirit of the kindness is done with good intentions your blessings will come. It seems like an overused line to ease the spirit of a hurt individual, but it's the truth. When we give of ourselves and not just of our wallets blessings appear. Understand that as individuals our purpose is to fulfill every task that God puts in front of us so that His plan continues to prosper us and the world.  We have to realize that is the random acts of kindness that can change the very way we live, believe, understand, and appreciate life. 

    The homeless man that may be on drugs could receive your gift of food, shelter, or clothing and be inspired to change his life around. Because of his changes he could change the lives of hundreds more. The mother causing a nuisance with her screaming child could be calmed and encouraged by your words and assistance; in turn she could be a mentor for new struggling mothers. And finally instead of shipping clothing and more to a perfect stranger, take your friend grocery and clothes shopping. By doing so you could have saved your friend from an attempted suicide caused by their hard times. No one knows how their actions will ripple or return to them. Just keep in mind that as many chances as God has given us after our transgressions, we too must give the gift of giving a chance to continue to receive God's charity. 

Because of the abundant gift of free will our choice to live a life fulfilled is in our hands.  

You Are Here For a Reason 
 By: Life Vest Inside 


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  1. LOVED this, awesome post. God loves a cheerful giver! ~Tiffany Hampton #BLMGirls


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