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Love, Sex, Marriage...Expect The Best.

Love, Sex, and Marriage...It's Not Complicated
Relationships are only as "Complicated" as we make them, and not as hard as our bodies sometimes make it seem, but dating and romance is an interesting phenomenon. 

When we get out of relationships that we know aren't right for us, we sometimes still spend time thinking about our ex and if the decisions we made were accurate, We all want to be linked, loved and cared for, but eventually we have enough self respect to stick with our intuition and wait for that union which we KNOW for sure is right, the "true love" we know we deserve.

 I believe its the "Mean time" that detracts most of us.  There is an utter loneliness of "in the meantime",  the period and time of dating before that awesome relationship we know we're meant to have.

This is the period where we get to build ourselves and become who we want to be, and its where we make the important decisions. In American society the landscape of dating and relationships has truly changed.

 In the secular media and culture it seems that everything is about sex and superficiality. The  fact that immorality often reigns in pop culture can confuse things even more. As I contemplated and felt embarrassed and ashamed to be apart of a society where the value of marriage, fidelity, and morals have sunken so low, I cried out to God and the answer became very clear. A question was posed to me " How Do You Wanna Be Loved?" as it came to me it made perfect sense.

This question is something we must really ask ourselves, What are the ways that we want someone else to love us? It was so easy to deliver the answer about myself and none of them were uncommon. They are what most people want. We want to be checked on, we want to be bought nice things, we want to be praised and we want to be bragged about, etc. These are ways that we know people care for us and we are seriously made to feel loved and appreciated. 

Well, all the very things we want, are exactly how we should show our love to God! Every personal preference or love language we really like is what we should give to God ourselves! When we do that, God will bring exactly the same type of person into our lives, because what we put out, we attract.

There are so many reports, ratios and statistics, but the truth is there is no limit on good men, or women of any race. Despite what we heard in all the reports when we deliver love to God in exactly the way that we want to be loved, God brings what we want back to us. We attract, what we are. Love is limitless despite the reports of lack and the immorality of society, we can have the great relationship that we want. Scripture asks: Who's report will you believe? trust the spirit of love.

"When God is in it, there is no limit." Love God wholly and righteously and the right love will find you.

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