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BOLD Testimony: Pauleanna Reid

By: April D. Byrd

Pauleanna Reid is a published Author, Journalist, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur, Everything looks good on the outside, but for a long time she was keeping a secret that no one knew. She had low self-esteem and discovered she was struggling with Depression. 

Pauleanna credits God, and opening up about her story as the ways she overcame and started to achieve great success.  Pauleanna was featured on MTV Impact, and other media outlets, and she continues to help others by sharing her story.

 Even though things may look good on the outside they are not always what they seem to be. In her testimony Pauleanna discloses what we might know "If We Really Knew Her". Pauleanna's story  proves that with God and supportive community we can truly overcome, and make a positive impact in the world.

"If You Really Knew Me"Shy girl to Flyy Girl Pauleanna Reid on BOLDJournalhow she overcame depression...AMAZING testimony!!... Posted by BOLD-Impact Network 

Pauleanna Reid is a Professional Writer, Author, and Motivational Speaker you can catch up with her latest updates by visiting her website


  1. What song is that at the end of her video?!? What a powerful testimony

  2. Hi Oghosa! Yes, That is a powerful testimony! The Song at the end of the video is "Every Moment" by Forever Jones.

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