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Lesson: Living Purposefully Makes Life Less Stressful

Stressed out!!
Over the course of the past week, there we're so many thoughts in my head as far as what really mattered in my life, what goals would I seriously pursue? Breath Of Life Daily which has been such a major part of my life was in the balance. 

It was a web mag from the beginning, but somehow I put it into blog mode and settled there, which was getting no where. So when God told me to keep it in operation ( as the online journal) it is, I was kind of skeptical as to how it all was gonna work out.

 I'm going back to school soon, I'm helping others build their own dreams, as well working, so I didn't know where the time was gonna come from to run a functional web magazine. However, as usual God always gives clarity and insight right on time. In this past month I've meant so many talented writers that have helped BOLD continue to inspire and uplift through great stories and testimonies.

 Continuing to post also helped me to see what really worked for the site, which stories got the most traffic, and overall what the readers really liked. All this information brought more inspiration and I honestly see the overall vision and the bigger picture of what God wants to do with this network. All the confusion in my head ceased and was replaced with a better excitement. 

When everything makes sense, life is less stressful and much easier. The precise point where we see purpose clearly is one of the most beautiful feelings in life to have. Living purposefully makes life much  less stressful. God wants us to be whole, not a hot mess. Being organized and purposeful in this life is truly a gift! I thank God for it and I'm so glad I found the clarity I needed to continue. Praise God for that!! Let the "Breath Of Life Daily" continue...and expand!!

Continue to seek God and his will for your life on Purpose and you'll always be content, and blessed as well.

Blessings to You All and have a wonderful weekend!!


April D. Byrd


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