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Christianity IS The New Sexy!

As we approach February, the month American culture romances the idea of love, more spiritually relevant faces are shining in the lime light. Biblical scripture reads: "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."*  and that's exactly what a lot of spiritual leaders and innovators are doing. 

February's issues of Ebony and Essence

Bishop T.D Jakes and Iyanla Vanzant's faces blazing on the covers of popular magazines this month made the way, the truth, and the life much more appealing. It's Absolutely sexy to be Christian and American media needs more affirmation of the fact and more examples like this.  Despite earlier predictions Oprah Winfrey's Network (OWN) has taken has become a ratings success. 
Rick Warren, Author of "The Purpose Driven Life" was also recently in TIME magazine giving some fresh advice. With such great role models, it's definitely time for more Christians to unashamedly come out of the closet, and uncover the light for the world to see more of  God's glory.

"Why Being A Christian Is Hot"  by April D. Byrd

Heads turned as President Obama’s face shined on the cover of Newsweek, blatantly crowned in the glory of a colorful halo. Such an image makes it official that it’s never been more acceptable to take a stand for who you are and what you believe. The big announcement that shocked the world will undoubtedly make “coming out” more widespread, so instead of being judgmental, why don’t more Christians get on the fence with standing out and taking pride in and for what they believe? Despite all the pastoral turmoil, this year has been a proactive and reputable year for faith. Recently, a lot of heavy hitters have openly come out.
According to Jet Magazine, Bishop T.D. Jakes rise “from the pulpit to pop-culture” is what works. Recently Actress Meagan Good opened up to several Media outlets professing her faith, and controversial rapper Nicki Minaj expressed to “Nightline” that God was her hero. Even Mega-church Pastor Jamal Bryant jokingly proclaimed Tim Tebow the thirteenth disciple, as the Pro football player stunned the world with statistical signs and wonders. There was also surprisingly, much ado when Billionaire Media mogul Oprah Winfrey confessed Christ during one of her ‘Lifeclass’ tours in NYC. And after news of Rihanna “living her life for God” the string of events only further proclaim: It’s OK to “come out”.
Seventy Six  to eighty  percent of Americans consider themselves to be Christians. However, as the world, especially the United States is now in such a perpetual debate over what lifestyles are acceptable, regardless of what opinions will come and go; all those who stand unflinching for what they believe are winning. What truthfully works will stand, no matter who endorses it. However, the lifestyle of faith is making a major impact, not only in spiritual circuits, but now in mainstream media. Last year Gospel artists Mary Mary were truly “something big”. It seemed like every time we turned on the TV they were on it. Among other things they dominated major events like the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Ceremony and now they have their own reality T.V. show, becoming the first Gospel artists to have a feature show on a non-faith based network.
Mary Mary’s unconventional, yet uplifting sound has opened the door for a new generation of Gospel artists to top the Billboard charts like Flame, Lecrae, and the family group Forever Jones. Beyond pop culture, Jesus culture will definitely always be hot in entertainment media. Overall it’s been a good year for faith, and faith is a good value for life. A sense of knowing who you are and standing firmly for your beliefs has never been more popular. Sex sells, but confidence sells better.

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*Matthew 5:16


  1. Christianity IS the new sexy. It's always been, but it's really making waves lately!

    God has been doing wonders in my life and that of my friends and family this year.

    A close friend of mine gave her life to Christ a few weeks ago. She was a Muslim, from a Muslim background. Thank God for speaking to her and touching her life. She now belongs to Jesus Christ!! :)


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