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From Victim to Victory: 3 Tips For Conquering Ego

The ego is an interesting entity.  It is that critical inner voice that tells us we're no good, unworthy and incapable. When we defy it's strident comments and succeed at anything it tells us that we are going to be found out as a fraud and that things will ultimately fall down around us. If we manage to continue to enjoy higher levels of love, happiness and success, it takes the credit! -Anonymous

It's bad enough to get bullied from other people, but to take harassment from your own mind is horrible. And it seems like our own thoughts can make us feel worse than anybody else ever could. When we fall short of certain goals or intentions, It can make us feel guilty, but that guilt isn't just there to beat us up we should us it to our advantage. Here are 3 simple, but powerful tips to help in the conquering of your own inner bully.  Decide to no longer be the victim.

Take action:
It's never to late to get moving. Even if you think it's to late, as long as you have life in your body its never too late to move in the right direction. Know that you have no limitations on you whatsoever. Nothing can limit you, not religion, addiction, people, or time, unless you place those limits on yourself. You can move in the right direction for your life no matter what you've done, or how old you are.

Erase the Illusion:
Sometimes we can procrastinate or continue with bad habits, because we don't keep a top priority in  mind, or haven't established a clear and defined goal to look to in order to keep moving. If we expect to accomplish anything there must be a set strategy. Don't hold on to your dreams, adhere to your goals. You can accomplish them one step at a time.                   

Be Sociable:
Be as participative and social as possible. The ego likes to divide your world. It create barriers, separation, and makes comparisons. Being engaged with people, and organizations gives you a sense of responsibility, the accountability of being involved can keep you busy. Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. -Henry Thoreau. Take advantage of the presence of others, a sense of community can make you a feeling whole. An idol mind is the devil's playground.  If you have to, meditate on good things. (Philippians 4:8) Always make sure you are positively interacting with the life around you. Also, God is the best conversationalist.You are never alone.
In the boxing ring of life, there is always someone in your corner.

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