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The End of Dreams, The Beggining of Destiny

--May 1, 2012 at 11p.m. Breaking News in Atlanta, Georgia.: "Tyler Perry Studios have caught on fire and has severe damage..." a night for me in which minutes before was the beggining of a break down, but the epoch of  a breakthrough.

I was contentious, angry at myself and wondering why I kept hesitating to write an article that God ordered me to write months, but seemingly ages ago. Writing the article was what I meant to do for that day and something that was aligned in my vision, but instead I continued in the usual tuesday routine when I'm off work: Watch "Glee", tweet needlessly about the episode, and continue to procrastinate.

However, that night in particular proved to be a major upset. It made me sit back and assess my life. what Exactly was I doing and where Exactly was I going. I've had big dreams for as long as I can remember, and just having them never seemed to be getting me anywhere. In fact, sometimes dreams have a tendency to cloud your mind and effect good judgement. I have always been a perpetual dreamer, but the life I live and the life I've seen are so completely opposite that the creative tension in between finally broke and made me miserable. Something had to give and that something was me. It struck me that even though I have all these dreams, if they aren't truly based in the plan of God, they're useless. Not only that, but everyday does not run the same, each and every day requires communication with God for the strength, victory, and prosperity of THAT day, period.

It's necessary to put God first in whatever we do for it to generate the most purpose and extremely awesome results. That night, In that very moment I realized maybe some, Ok well maybe all of the dreams I've held in my life we're not based on the foundation of God. Most of the aspirations I clung to the most we're completely out of His perspective. It was a breaking moment, but it also a waking moment. It was definitely a life altering experience. That night really woke me up and made me the most conscious I have ever been. Even though I have had a lot of breakthroughs in my spirit before, I felt like I could see life for the first time. I decided to get and stand in the specific position God has given me, regardless of what goes on the outside.

I dedicated that night to God, praised Him for the revelation, and decided to leave all those dreams at the alter. No later than five minutes after the desicion was sealed in my spirit, the breaking news update blasted from the television: "Tyler Perry Studios On Fire" I instantly got the message. I have always recognized Tyler Perry as the trail blazer and magnate for everything I wanted to do in the media and communications industry. So the sacrifice of those dreams at the alter, was now so official that it was on the outside of me. Basically God was saying, "It's not about Tyler Perry paving the way or anyone else, It's about your adherence to my will".

Message Taken! It's been days since that faithful fire and more news has been given only confirming the message, and incidences are occuring that are linking me so directly to destiny, that I've literally been kicked into action. I can now definitely say that this Breath Of Life Daily has never been so real.

If you have ever had dreams or high aspirations, don't be afraid to give them up, and put your life's perspective and purpose into the plans of God for your life. He knows what's best and the ultimate outcome is in your favor. Be Blessed.

Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Thats a now word April. God is using you in a mighty way. God recently sharedd with me that same revelation. He said, ”Its not about you! Its about my kingdom.” I simply said, yes Lord not my will but your will be done. I let go of every selfish dream and desire and God allowed me to experience true change in my life. I had to die to myself in order to arise in God. Be blessed woman of God.

    1. Yay! Exactly! and we have to die to ourselves to arise in God! that's the purpose of this thing!! You Understood what I meant so perfectly! Love it! thanks for all your support and loving words! You be blessed as well Ms. Goddard!!:D


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