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10 Inspirational Songs That Will Get You Motivated

Work and Life can be draining at times. When fresh energy is needed Music is a great tool to pump things up.

To Keep an ambitious and motivated spirit after morning praise, a workout,  or just when you need a boost. 

Here are 10 of the most inspirational songs and instant classics that will give you a jump-start, and supercharge your day, without an energy drink. Add these to your playlist and stay "BOLD-ly" motivated with these Excellent and Inspirational lyrics:

  • "Golden"- Jill Scott
Thank God for freedom! Take your freedom, pull it off the shelf, take it everywhere you go with you today. Only you choose to be happy or sad. The Power is in you to make today work, so make it make it Golden.

  • "Unwritten"- Natasha Bedingfield
Today is a beggining so "releasing your inhibitions" will be an important part of moving forward. No Matter what you've done or been through prior to this day, the pen for the authorship of your life is in your actions, Honor God, make bold moves, everything else in between...Unwritten.
  • "Fly"- Nicki Minaj
From the beggining chorus this song is an upfront reminder of what were here for: "I came to Win, to Fight, to Conquer, To Thrive... and so on. Most importantly to fly. Remember your dreams do not sit at Bed-level, there must be A Will to Fly.

  • "Firework" -Katy Perry
Perry proclaims "Ignite the light and let it shine", Everything awesome and amazing is inside of you not outside. "Own the night"- Take charge of your life like a firework owns the 4th of July night. You are the glory of the Lord! "Make em' say awww" today, Be Captivating!

  • "I Believe I Can Fly" -R. Kelly
Remember "Space Jam"? Kelly declares "If I just believe it, theres nothing to it". Such powerful words of truth and testament to the power of believing in yourself. You may never sprout natural wings or have levetational abilities, but you can definitely rise to the occasion of acheiving anything you put your mind to. Success starts in you!

  • "Put Your Records On" -Corrine Bailey Rae
A chill and relaxed summer day song, In mellow Bob Marley flavor. A reminder to keep it stress-free in whatever you're doing. Let it all out and go for your dreams.

  • "Wait Til' You See My Smile" -Alicia Keys
Keys delivers definite uplifting guidance and motivation in this song "...Sometimes in life you don't see straight, Pray to Him He will show." The uncompromising beat and power of the melody in this tune will have you upbeat, uplifted and ready to go.

  • "I Believe" -Fantasia
The most triumphant American Idol winner to date sings this song like no one else can and knows it all to we'll "Anything Is Possible When You Believe".

  • "Dog Days Are Over" -Florence + The Machine
With an eclectic mix  and the sweet flowing vibe, by the end this song will have you dancing with joy. Get into the beat with Florence and whatever worry you had on your mind before this may not be over, but it will be far from thinking.
  • "Hold On (Change Is Comin')"- Sounds Of Blackness
Finally, The inspiration behind this top ten list; this groovy song with the powerful message will turn your whole attitude around and add brightness to your day. Again a reminder not to worry. Lift You Head Up!
Stay Strong! Make Life Awesome! ...And Keep Winning!

"Unwritten" - Natasha Bedingfield

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