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Ensuing Calamity

If you were on the net around 12 a.m. this morning, you might have noticed that Wikipedia, Google and other sites have gone black. There's definitely some hubbub and craziness surrounding this Internet fiasco. Has the web reached the end of an era? I don't know but I do know in Ezekiel 21 The news is not good. GOD considers Israel to be rebellious and He tells Ezekiel to prophesy that He will bring the sword against them.

“‘Testing will surely come. And what if even the scepter, which the sword despises, does not continue? declares the Sovereign LORD.’
14 “So then, son of man, prophesy
and strike your hands together.
Let the sword strike twice,
even three times.
It is a sword for slaughter—
a sword for great slaughter,
closing in on them from every side."...
Even though the news was not good Ezekiel being a prophet still has to deliver it. Even in this situation with the Internet, we can support and write to congress if we choose, but really all we can do one can do in the nature of prophecy that we have inside of us is operate in GOD's will. Everybody seems so rapped up about the Internet today, but we have the ability to speak and communicate with GOD everyday. We have the power to intercede in prayer because GOD loves us and we are His children. No matter what happens in this world as children of GOD we will still be standing, and trusting Him, Because we know how to withstand the storm.

No matter how dark the world gets on any given day we are the children of light, and the light of GOD illuminates us. (Ephesians 5:8)

*Ezekiel 21

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