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An "Unexpected" Love

God is always speaking, giving us validation and wisdom in abundance, are you listening and receiving your love?... or are you a fame whore wanting more and more?
 God speaks to the prophet Ezekiel and tells him to cause Jerusalem to see her abominations. He compares them to a whore on the streets unloved and unwanted from birth. He says " No eye pitied thee, to have compassion on thee; but thou was cast out into an open field. figuratively God cleans the people up, makes them rich and beautiful and makes a covenant with them. They have His Glory and His love but then they become vain, trust in themselves, and completely soil the beauty God gives them.

True enough as it is that God is speaking Jerusalem, this scenario is still very relevant today and the major reason why America as a society has the problems that it has. If we are not born with validation or wholeness we need (which no one really is, because everyone, no matter what environment we were born into must find our calling and passion in God)*breathe* it causes us to reach out to other people/things to give it to us. 

A lot of people in the world are reaching out for the validation that God already has for them. The thing that holds us back the most is expecting to receive something from the outside world when God has already given us glory on the inside. It is for us to manifest it in love. not be constantly expecting gratification like a whore. God wants His people to know that He has made a covenant with us and it is a precious covenant. when we are unfaithful to God we are only hurting ourselves and putting ourselves back in that same bloody state that we were born in, feeble. 

When we embrace God He empowers us, and gives us life. A lot of times having experienced Him, we see the growth and take it upon ourselves to make a name for ourselves, trying to receive validation from the outside world is like God never touched us at all. It is God who we receive Glory from, no one else, and we should act like it by making his will our priority and not  being whores for anything. No one can love us like God. It's him who gives us ultimate life and Him who we should dedicate our life to.  

Ezekiel 16:   ‘Then I passed by and saw you kicking about in your blood, and as you lay there in your blood I said to you, “Live!”a 7I made you grow like a plant of the field. You grew up and developed and became the most beautiful of jewels.b Your breasts were formed and your hair grew, you who were naked and bare.8“‘Later I passed by, and when I looked at you and saw that you were old enough for love, I spread the corner of my garment over you and covered your nakedness. I gave you my solemn oath and entered into a covenant with you, declares the Sovereign Lord, and you became mine.

 God has covenant for you, will you be faithful?


  1. America itself famously has mommy issues from England. Not being loved and supported, then acknowledging God and being Empowered to the nation it is today.

    Because America has slowly began to refuse God, by taking Him out of schools and embracing more whorish activities. That's why it seems to be going bad with us. This country needs to reverence God a lot more.


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