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Ride The Wave - NiceColumnByShira

Sometimes going with the flow of things can get quite challenging.  As writers, speakers and those who work in the ministry for the Lord – we began to set goals for ourselves, ponder on our future and re-examine our lives and truth be told, we sometimes get stuck.

 What should I write about next?  Which direction is my career heading?  How can I reach those who are lost, suffering in silence or needs to hear the “Message of Salvation and Grace,” to bring about deliverance and restoration for their lives?

 All things considered, as we trust in God, Walk in Faith and continue desiring God’s purpose and will for our lives, we all need inspiration, encouragement and motivation to finish the course that’s set before us.

 I have found much Wisdom and Direction from the Word of God during my time of uncertainty, courageously looking for guidance, for which steps to take next.  One thing that I’m reassured of, “there’s nothing new under the sun” and “there is a season for all things”.  

 For instance, Writers Read, Readers Write!  When I’m struck or have writer’s block, I will pick up a novel, even if it’s not always my favorite, “Topic of Discussion,” and place myself inside the story as one of the characters of the read. Gleaning on the inspiration of the author, with all sincerity and much focus.  Attempting to understand the message and point that the writer is conveying.  This gives me a broader perspective for my own writing technique.

 Riding the wave, instead of re-inventing the wheel, often gives me the inspiration, encouragement and motivation needed to pick up that pen and begin writing again!

 As we face those times of uncertainty, writers block or just those thoughts of, “I just don’t know, I’m stuck.”  Check out the boldness, creativity and inspiration that others have written or have spoken about. It very well could spark a new horizon in the way you perceive your situation!

 Blessings to all and Always Stay Encouraged!

© Shira Garnett, Contributing Writer,


  1. Leadership can get tedious and overwhelming. May we keep our eyes on the prize that's set before us.

  2. Leadership can get tedious and overwhelming. May we keep our eyes on the prize that's set before us.


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