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Juanita Bynum Being Naked On Purpose

by: April D. Byrd

*Spoiler* I am not talking about being physically naked, but emotionally and spiritually undressed...Transparent. Sometimes in a culture so full of judgement it's hard to be naked and open with others. I am so proud of Juanita Bynum that she took that stand and was unafraid to come with all she had.

I just came by a twitter headline: "Juanita Bynum Confesses Sex with Women and Drug Use."  I love that she was open and honest. As expected social media is having a field day with this news. I came across one commentary that said: "When we fall down, we don't have to identify every branch we hit." I don't think this is accurate, because its imperative for us to get out everything that holds us . To expose it, so it has no more power and drop it quickly so we can move on. Unlike what that commentator had to say, I believe that identifying and breaking every branch further empowers us to destroy the root.

Juanita made the infamous confession on The Frank and Wanda morning show on V103. Besides all the ruckus the main point was  a powerful sentiment on the necessity of purpose. I say kudos to Juanita!! It takes a lot of guts to expose yourself to the public like that especially when you're in a position of respect and authority. I guess when she said "No More Sheets" she was for real.

What do you think about this issue? Do you think it was TMI just to sell more products? or do you agree with her? and would you ever do the same?


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