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A Natural Come-Back

We all love India Arie's anthem "I Am Not My Hair. But the fact is looks are important in every society, especially this one. It's kinda hard to be a successful natural sister when so many black starlets wear weaves (e.g. Jhud, Gabby Union, Kelly.) and that really does reflect how society views beauty. As a young black woman in this society, the choice for a hairstyle can have a major impact on not just your love life, but your whole life. As a natural I was getting kind of discouraged, and ready to go back to yes...."The Creamy Crack" *Gasps* but my faith is restored.

 Natural beauties are popping up everywhere nowadays. Solange was in In Style, a model made the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue, and everybody is lauding actress Viola Davis for her "return to her roots". She looks Hot! Natural is making a comeback, although it never left. I feel as hopeful and invigorated as when I first made "The Big Chop". These images are making an impact. Natural is Beautiful and the love is becoming widespread. #TeamNaturalistas


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