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Embrace Your Divine Identity

Image may contain: text that says '"Discovering who you are in GOD will dismantle any deception from the enemy."'

I grew up thinking the "Good Life" looks like all the trappings of success that we tend see on TV: fancy cars, expensive clothes. lavish parties and champagne. This may be the lifestyle of the rich and famous that people strive for, but I'm so glad to come to the realization that a lifestyle of prayer is the most fulfilling one to have.

I'm not excluding being rich and famous from the equation of having a completely lit prayer life, but now I think believers being on our faces before GOD is the best lifestyle to have. It's a lifestyle of manifestation, relationship, and abundance. 

I'm no longer striving for the perception of wealth from the world eye's, but from GOD's word. I'm here for the lifestyle of the Blessed and Highly favored.

Prayer life is better than champagne life. Prayer life is better than sex life, love life, and all the lives. I'm all the way here for prayer life.

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