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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Todd Dulaney Talks New EP "Back To The Book"

Credit: Breath Of Life Daily

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Last week at an intimate conference held during Black History Month, Gospel Superstar and Worship Leader Todd Dulaney discussed his new EP "Back To The Book" with attendees. Dulaney talked about the inspiration behind the album, along with other topics related to gospel, entertainment, and the unity of the church.

He discussed his leadership style and shared a message of how "unity produces glory". Dulaney expressed the ultimate goal of getting the church out of their feelings and emotions, and "Back To The Book". That book being the Bible.

Breath Of Life Daily received an exclusive interview opportunity at the event and recorded coverage of a few powerful moments and responses that took place. Check out the video that can only be found on BOLDJournal's Official YouTube channel

Todd Dulaney's New EP "Back To The Book" is now available on all retail and digital streaming platforms.

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