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3 Ways You Can Still Win In 2020

It's a great time to go really hard at fulfilling your purpose. It's winning season. Not just a year's worth, but for a whole decade. 

It is not just another new year, it is a whole new decade. 
These are things you can do to find yourself winning in 2020.

1. Pick an area such as mindset, courage, endurance, or growth.  Think of ideas about things you can practice over the next 21 days to help you strengthen your focus area for your new decade. For me, I want to strengthen my consistency. For the next 21 days, I have a planning journal of things I need to get done. I have decided to make a commitment and do everything possible in order to ensure I bring consistency into my new decade.

2. Think about what baggage you are carrying around with you at this present moment that is causing you to be weighed down, and is putting a real hindrance in your progression. Write it down and create a short statement that directly speaks authority over that obstacle.  For me, I struggle with acceptance. I dread putting my content (poetry, blog post, videos) out because I feel it won't resonate with anyone.  I often think it won't help anyone and no 1 will like it.  So my Affirmation statement over my acceptance baggage is: 

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3. Visualize your optimal self. What type of person would you be if you had no struggles, money was no issue, and you had the ability to complete any task on earth. What could that task potentially be? Who could that task potentially serve? How would you like people to feel when they encountered your service or whatever it is you have to offer? How would you feel to know that people are feeling that way? How would you celebrate your win? Write down these answers, and create an "Optimal Self Avatar". It will help you recognize where you aspire to go in your next decade and will give you some ideas to determine if you are on the right path. 

Be intentional about winning in this season. Really figure out what is your path, and make the necessary steps to ensure you are walking down it with the power that you have. 
If you are struggling to recognize what your path is, or how you own your power book yourself a free Transformational Purpose Coach call here. I would love to help you with this. 
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