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Bloom: The Art of Cultivating Beauty

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention, they catch your attention. It catches it even better when you realize it’s in you. It wants to be cultivated. Are you open to the beauty that’s ready to be seen, that exists to inspire you? Or are you preoccupied with appearances?

If you are always trying to “be”, just take a deep breath and realize that you “are”. Sometimes your blossom may not be in line with the season. You may be in a state of rest or in a process, but you’re still a life force. Don’t curse your process. Embrace it.

Prepare your garden with excellence, so you can fully enjoy the brilliance.

Life is consistent learning, you learn, and you grow. If you’re not growing you’re stagnant and killing yourself faster.

Cultivate the beauty that you truly want to see.

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