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Goodmorning Texts To God

Just yesterday my beloved cellphone was stolen, even though at some point it hit me that I could stand to be on the cell phone less and in the holy spirit more. I'm really feeling it now more than ever.  The reality that a cellphone takes up so much of my time, so much of my energy. not to mention all the information that's poured in.

Maybe I got a little bit too overzealous with the time I was spending on it, hopefully I can use it's absence now as an opportunity to get closer and "refresh" my relationship with the creator, the one who manufactured me, who can download information and input more data into my soul, and give me just the right recharging I need to thrive.

It would be very beneficial to spend more time with God instead of giving those extra minutes to Facebook, Instagram and snapchat.

what we look at, interact with and spend time with the most continuously affects us. We are shaped and molded by all these thoughts, ideas, and images that we see, so it's best to get the vision from the truest and purest source.

Cellphones have reshaped the way people get involved in and have romantic relationships as well. Nowadays a key indicator that a guy may be actually serious about pursuing a relationship with a woman is a consistent good morning text. Notice I said consistent, not random whenever the thought may come to mind or they may be just looking to have a good time, but intentional consistency.

If a guy sends you a consistent goodmorning text it's pretty serious...and they're more than likely sincerely interested in getting to know you more. The search and courting process has been redefined.

So, what if more people had that same attitude and became seriously interested in the will of God for their lives every morning. What if we pursued God's presence as such? consistently, every morning never skipping a beat, never missing a chance or an opportunity to check in?

What would happen is there would be great a greater sense of stability, the stability that makes a "happy" home -- in this case a content and peaceful spirit in our beings which are the houses of God.

A lot of people understand that in a loving, committed relationship, better yet a marriage one of the key benefits is stability. In having a committed, consistent relationship with God through prayer and practicing faith, the stability we need presents itself better than being in a relationship with any person ever could.

Wholeness within ourselves is beneficial before we start a partnership with anyone else.

Maybe I got a little bit too overzealous with the time I was spending on the phone, and can use it's absence now as an opportunity to get closer and refresh my relationship with my creator. I'm sure I'm not the only one who may spend a little bit too much time with the cellphone, heavily attached to it.

I'm still keep hope alive that the phone resurfaces but I'm gonna enjoy this time where more life is being poured directly into my spirit and not just needless information. It's in the presence of God where we find life and we attract true peace into our lives EVERYDAY.

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