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Recap: Inspiration From APEX Poetry Night

"A Word From Our Ancestors" poetry night at APEX Museum in Atlanta, GA. hosted by Lady Vee DaPoet and Sponsored by James and James LLC. was an evening filled with excellence and inspiration...or in other words... It was dope!!

Performing artists and poets came out with their best. The audience was dapper at the black tie event. The evening was magical, and the energy was good. Many attendees took home great prizes, courtesy of the raffle held, NOBODY went home empty handed...there were gift bags galore!!

Even better than the gifts and prizes, was the beauty and wisdom that each of the poets shared, they displayed a brilliance and truth that inspired the audience to it's core. Inspiration was definitely present and so was a deep lasting impact... it was clear that more events like "A Word From Our Ancestors" aka #APEXPoetryNight need to be held. Better yet, we are definitely ready for the follow-up, if James and James LLC, and Lady Vee DaPoet can come together and bless us again. 

It was definitely a blessing to be in the building and BOLD Journal was blessed to be there. Besides the "poetical soul food" there was real soul food and it was amazing! Anganiks Cuisine who catered the event, blessed attendees palates with simple, yet elegant deliciousness. 

The event was stellar and served as a hallmark of excellence. With so much violence, ignorance, and hatred going on in the society that we live in today, "A Word From Our Ancestors" not only entertained, but made an impact. Making a positive impact in the world is something we should all strive for, and definitely ask ourselves "how are we doing so?" It was an honor to be present with those who are expressing greatness in various fields of influence in the world, from poetry, to business, to culinary arts, to innovation. Congrats to everyone who shared their excellency at #APEXPoetryNight, whether  it was speaking up, or just showing up. There were true artists in the building, and we are definitely looking forward to the next!!

You can view the full album of BOLD's photos from APEXPoetryNight by visiting BOLDImpactNetwork's fanpage on Facebook. Tag yourself. Tag a Friend. Leave a comment! Looking forward to hearing from you all!! Thank you James and James!!

Great recap photos from Lady Vee DaPoet Presents "A Word From Our Ancestors" Sponsored by James & James LLC. Official Recap Post:
Posted by BOLD-Impact Network on Wednesday, August 5, 2015
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