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Today Will Be Different

by: Coach Ruthann

Today's motivation is from an excerpt from my current book, Today Will Be Different. Day four of the book is dedicated to what motivates you. Hopefully, you will think deeply about why you are motivated to move forward and continue to make a change into 2015.

What motivates you?

In order to move forward from old habits and old thinking, it is imperative to identify what motivates us to change. Change can come from external forces or internal ones. Perhaps you woke up and knew today would be different. That is great! However, it is even better to keep in mind why you are making changes in your life so you will not give up on the task at hand.

Ask yourself who is your motivation to keep moving forward. If you have a person in mind, perhaps a family member, athlete, public figure, even yourself, then identify why that person motivates you.  Within the reason of who motivates you, you will find that something within you seeks greatness. We all have greatness within us, some of us just need to dig a bit harder to pull it out.  

Let me post to you a personal question, what has kept you from the changes you would like to see in your life in the past? Again, this could be internal or external forces. If you started and stopped pursuing your goals and dreams in the past, that is okay. All you really need to get started again is to realize that you are ready now, and that you possess all of the unlimited resources within yourself to make the necessary changes.  When you are fully committed to change there will be no excuse to hold you back once more. You will know what you have to do and why.

Once you become fully committed to changing, then it would be a great time to write down your reasons for change. Do not be negative or critical of yourself.  The point is to keep a clear reason and vision of why this change is necessary.  This task may be easier of an undertaking with a coach to help empower you and shine light on ideas you may not have thought of before.

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram:@theconfidentyou 

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