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Getting Back To Gratitude

I have SO much to be Thankful for, sometimes in fits of recognizing what I don't have or going after what I don't need, I get off track and everything falls out of order. I'm so glad that God has me in exactly the place where He wants me to be. I'm thankful that I can never get too deep into a depression without the spirit of God lifting me up! Thank you father for being my covering! 

I know that anytime I feel limited, slighted, or overwhelmed by the very gifts I've been given, I'm really not operating in the spirit. Thank God for always leading me back. For helping me to realize today that Breath Of Life Daily came out of a pure spirit, not from me wanting to be liked or get money, but from me wanting to encourage people. 

BOLD came from me having an overflow of life to give. That life is in God. I'm always chasing better, even if it's not God and this year He put me in a position that I never could have imagined, but it's absolutely everything I need. I'm covered in a place of safety and I get to minister to women at the Christian Women's Center. God's got me, I'm covered, and I'm here. Breath Of Life Daily came from that, That no matter what happens, or what has been, the life in the spirit overpowers the life on the outside. I'm so thankful that I'm not in this by myself, that I've have people who support me and see my potential in God. Thank you to everyone who has been a blessing and who continues to be a blessing!! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

When we get back to the true source of why we do what we do, our passion will take control and produce of it's own accord. Thank God for gratitude, Blessings come from gratitude. 

-April D. Byrd

What are you thankful for today?

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