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5 Lessons From The TOP Message

Awesome, Awesome message by Coach Pastor Jennifer today on the Voice Of Wisdom Conference Call line!! The message was so empowering, with great key points that were well worth noting and holding on to. In reference to scripture, Most of her message highlighted Joshua 1:3  which reads:

"Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses."

She dealt with some of the limiting beliefs and factors that keep people from moving forward, and making progress with the success of their lives and purpose. She also explained how the purpose and blessing of God works.

Here are a few key notes that stood out... (or at least what I had enough time to write), ENJOY!!

 God doesn't measure out your blessing, your belief system does.
the blessing of God is unlimited as far as our imagination or belief system can take us that's how far we can go. Don't limit yourself become unlimited.

 God's purpose works in seasons and in times.
we have to line up with purpose, be knowledgeable and adhere to what specific season or time we are in. It is possible to miss out. If we miss a sewing season, then we will miss the  reaping season accordingly. All things work together. Its best to actively engage, to be cognizant and aware.

In order for you to get the inheritance of God you gotta engage choices.
Gods people are not in a time where the word is forced any more, shoved down our throats, or anything is strictly beaten down upon us. Its  imperative to actively engage the move  of God by choice ,understand and know what He has in the best interest for our lives.

If you wanna stop going in circles, stop blaming and begin taking responsibility.
to become unstuck in the maze of habitual monotony and repeated behaviors of our lives that don't serve us. We have to actively engage and start taking responsibility.

Individual portion/blessing depends on character.
the scripture in Joshua 1 reads, every sole the place of our foot treads... and Gods exclaims a blessing, that just as He blessed Moses He would bless His people and continually be with them just the same. However, our individual blessing and inheritance depends on our mindset, and how we honor and obey the Lord. It is possible to suffer through trials and still come out empty handed in the end for failing to step up to the plate and actively be in character, in season.

Overall with every takeaway to be had from today's lesson it is God who always speaks a mighty blessing this one recorded in the Bible. He says that He will be with us, not leaving us, or forsaking us. It is ultimately up to us to believe and actively engage His words and His way, if we want to truly live our best lives.

Coach/Pastor Jennifer Turner is the founder of (TOP) Tabernacle Of Peace Ministries International and Voice Of Wisdom Transformational Coaching for more empowering words from her Stay Tuned and feel free to check out this piece on sound cloud: 

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