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8 Reasons Why People Fail...Even After Prayer

One of the reasons why people under perform or settle is a lack of achievement drive. We all want to accomplish or achieve certain things in our lives, unless we are happy with the status quo.  

People strong in their orientation toward achievement have a drive for working well or surpassing a particular standard of excellence. Achievement Drive is a skill that can be learned by practicing and mastering a few performance skills. One must want to surpass their own performance, like improving your communication skills in order to break your own past sales record or better position yourself for effective expression of your desires and needs.

Achievement Drive is not simply about accomplishing things and then checking them off our to-do list; Its rather about accomplishing things in a manner that exceeds some clear, challenging standard of excellence whether internal or external. In order to do that one must want to do more than just the minimum. They have to learn how to set goals that are reachable, but require a bit of stretching to achieve them, goals that require work to beat. They have to think like entrepreneurs and be willing to take moderate risks for an outcome they deem worthwhile. They have to have SMART GOALS. Goal setting is the number one thing to do, however one must stay in touch with their emotional pull or drive behind what it is they want to do by listening carefully for what is motivating to them.

They are very clear signs of a lack of achievement drive:

  1. Avoidance of fixed, firm standards for performance, whether actively, overtly, passively or covertly.
  2. Working without regard for expectations.
  3. Not pushing oneself, just getting by, doing the very minimum
  4. Not taking goals seriously
  5. Accepting the status quo
  6. Not trying to improve things
  7. Not rocking the boat
  8. Not having an internal standard of excellence

All these signs are fixable with proper coaching. By simply understanding what one loses by not taking action and also understanding what is gained by going that extra mile. They are exercises that can be done in order to structure and establish moderate risks. Having an accountability partner would be a great plus to help structure and keep one on track. 

There is a simple, but structured step wise road map to goal setting that can be entered into with the help of a coach. Make this a year of developing your achievement drive for success in that one area of your life you know you need to improve in order for your business, family, relationship, finances or any other important aspect of your life to move to that next level.

Stay motivated and driven to achieve according to the capacity within you to do

Coach Jennifer is the Head Coach and Founder of Voice Of Wisdom Transformational Coaching

Photo credits: Msn, Praise Jesus Today

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