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The Grace Behind The Victory

I just couldn't see America with Someone else as President, just couldn't see it. God is wise. Though Obama supports some policies that Christians don't support, the great thing is America knows that God is in control. Barack Speaks hope,vision,and wisdom and without such we know that people perish. This re-election is one of Grace, and I hear the voice of God saying: My grace is sufficient and it has been extended to you once again. So Many are logged on tonite and filled with enthusiasm, and If we have done this...made it our mission to make sure that we VOTED. We can make it our mission to honor God with all that we are. With this victory grace has been extended to this nation and each individual in it! Utilize this moment in history, don't take it for granted. Let's truly honor the intention to Go forward! Today is a New Day! God Bless!

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