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The Freedom to Fly

by: April D. Byrd

Revisiting an old post I wrote for the Black Convo Magazine I was inspired to write a poem. The Piece was called "A Will To Fly"  and it's from the perspective of the black experience, but the article was written to motivate everyone from all races and nationalities.

The concept is to wake up, to live in consciousness, not carelessness no matter what odds are stacked against us. Because our dreams and aspirations don't sit at bed-level we must arise and take initiative to meet them.

Even if we don't always use it right, America's strongest point is definitely freedom.  I can't help but imagine that the pilgrims knew "why the caged bird sings". The Poem I wrote is named "FREEDOM",  here it is:

I'm waking up to live my dreams,
dreaming big will give me wings,
Freedom to move, freedom to choose
to know why the caged bird sings.

with no more mediocre strings.
I'm attached to reality
ready to defy gravity
If that is what the case may be.

Maybe, never saved me
and none a dream ever redeemed...
the price was a life, one life
and every ONE is free.

freedom isn't cheap, but sleep is
waking up 'cause my goal is only as far as my reach is
consciousness, life and justice
were given to me,

 so...I'm waking up to live my dreams.



  1. Fingers snaps and a roar of applause for a clever poem about freedom! Yes! I haven't read a poem about this topic for a while and it was simply refreshing.
    My favorite lines: "Maybe never saved me
    and none a dream ever redeemed...
    the price was a life, one life
    and every ONE is free." Amen, and certainly grateful for you sharing. Peace.


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