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The Declaration: R.I.P Cousin Allen

When somebody dies it always makes me wonder what am I doing with my life that's effective? How am I blessing someone else? This morning I heard that my cousin Allen passed away. The cause I don't know I was told they found him dead sitting on the porch. I feel so convicted at this time.

However, I don't always want life occurrences to shake me or be the reason I feel convicted, so I'm going to move forward and I'm not looking back. I'm going to be a blessing in the earth because God has given me life. I once heard the gospel singers Mary Mary say at an award show full of musicians that "if the material isn't touching or changing a life then it's not about anything" in so many words. The sentiment is so true. Everything we do should be worthwhile in life We shouldn't waste time with frivolous things.

My prayer to God today is for forgiveness. and my sincere condolences go out to his children, all my cousins. My prayer is that you guys remain strong at this time and have great faith. God is with you and love is on your side always. I love you and All of us are praying for you.


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