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BOLD Testimony: Weston Masset

17-year-old Weston Masset's car flipped three times, finally landing upside down. Masset told ABC news " I was scared for my life". In the event Weston came face-to-face with death, but also stardom. His life was saved by Actor Patrick Dempsy aka "McDreamy" from the TV show "Grey's Anatomy".

Masset "Happened" to crash close to Patrick's Malibu home. The actor came to his aid with a crowbar and a fire extinguisher to pry the teen from the wreckage. After helping free Weston from the vehicle, Patrick called the boy's mother and remained on the scene as the teen was airlifted to the hospital.

By grace Weston was only diagnosed with a concussion and minor injuries. Weston story is an awesome testament not only to the timing of Dempsey, but the timing and preparation of God.  God's grace will always put us in the right place at the right time. It was very great and opportune that Massey landed right outside of Patrick Dempsey's house and it's not just happenstance that the actor came fully prepared with all the essentials of aid. God's hand, grace, and purpose was working in that situation. Yes, Mcdreamy deserves some credit, but to God be the Glory. Praise Him for being an on time God. It's not just about the status of an individual, or who they are, but that God places the right people in our situations at the right time.

Weston -- who's expected to make a full recovery -- said he asked the actor, "Are you famous?" and Patrick said, "Yeah, I'm a doctor."

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