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Testimony: Antonina L. Griffin

It's easy to feel that our validation comes from every outside source except God, We may at times of weakness feel that there is  a need to fulfill our souls with food, sex, or even drugs. God is the true fulfillment of our souls, establishing discipline and value are the most fulfilling habits of all.

This testimony is from a woman that has been through a lot of weak times through her life, yet with the strength of God she became stronger, better, and even more successful. When it is our season to succeed God provides all things, but we must seek Him first. Antonina L. Griffin's Testimony of how she rose from brokeness to healing through embracing Jesus Christ is powerful. Antonina lists the various trials she "overcame", and shares with the world how her faith in God made an impact on her life.

Watch Antonina's Amazing Testimony, and feel free to share how it blessed you.


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