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"Hold On To Your Joy" by Coach Jennifer

Life is really very simple and uncomplicated. If you keep your head in the right place and your thoughts balanced, times will change and events will come and go. The people around you will react and respond to you based on who they really are, but they will hide behind what you are going through to express themselves.. At the end of the day, your blessing, your prosperity is not really determined by all the events or the attitudes of others, it is determined only by your willingness to engage your passion.

 Amazingly,, nothing lasts forever,, your darkness will soon turn into great joy, your rejections will soon turn into unsolicited friends and your lack into great wealth and status. So what is the pain for? Be happy now!

Turn Your Night Around!

It does not matter how dark the night gets, or how far your help seems to be from you. Your night will turn into day and your help will come. Hang in there, conserve your energy and wait under the wings of the Name of Jesus, He will bring you through. 

Yes weeping may endure for a night, But your Joy is coming in the morning. Hold on for it, your Joy is certainly coming in the morning! Be blessed.

Coach Jennifer is an Author, Transformational Coach, and she is also the Pastor of Tabernacle Of Peace Ministries International.

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